7 Best Places to Fish in Big Bear

Think you know the best places to fish in Big Bear? Well, we have some inside information for you; this should be top secret, but we are sharing anyway. We spent some time talking to Eric from the Big Bear Lake Water Management Department (WMD) and other Big Bear fishing regulars. We drove around the lake interviewing people catching fish to ask them about the best fishing spots. Mind you, we say catching fish, not just fishing. There’s a difference.

We’re very grateful to the folks that shared this information with us. We can report that these are their Big Bear secret fishing spots. And from what we could see, they work.

7 best places to fish at big bear lakeThe best places to fish in Big Bear are, in no particular order:

  • East Ramp
  • West Ramp
  • Near the Big Bear Marina
  • The triangle from Big Bear Marina to the Solar Observatory to Grout Bay
  • Stanfield Road cutoff from Big Bear Boulevard to North Shore Drive,
  • Along the bike path
  • Boulder Bay

These are certainly not the only places to fish.  Every year the lake is stocked with tagged fish, making it a fisher’s dream. These tagged fish really could be anywhere in the lake.

Fishing is a popular pastime in Big Bear. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery and the outdoors. In our daily travels, we see fish being caught near the dam on both sides of the lake, from the bridge walk just East of Stanfield Cutoff and about anywhere you can cast your line. Nonetheless, these are fishing locations that the Big Bear experts seem to love; these seven places are “the best.” So, when you come, check them out and let us know what you find.

Do you have a favorite place to fish in Big Bear? Let us know on our Facebook page, and show us a photo of your catch there too!  Be sure to make your reservation for your fishing getaway today!

 7 best places to fish at big bear lake

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