8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Big Bear

Are you looking for the best places to take pictures of Big Bear Lake and the mountains? There are so many amazing places with wonderful views that make you reach for that camera to capture your Big Bear memories. If you’re looking for the best views to take pictures, we’ve got you covered with the 8 top Big Bear spots to take pictures.


Alpine Pedal Path

The 3.5-mile round trip paved Alpine Pedal Path along Big Bear Lake accommodates bicyclists, walkers, dogs and baby strollers. It’s the most convenient path for people of all ages to take awesome photos of Big Bear Lake. The path leads you right to a sandy beach to take up close shots of the crystal clear lake. The trail is also filled with wildflowers and pine trees on both sides. A $5 per day Big Bear Adventure Pass is required to walk this path and there are restrooms located at picnic areas along the path.

Boulder Bay Park

Many residents and visitors say Boulder Bear Park has the best views of Big Bear. Hands down. This park also has wonderful sweeping views of Big Bear Lake. There is a small dock you can use to walk out into the lake for up close pictures of the lake, rock formations and the towering mountains. It’s also a top spot for fishing, watching nature and seeing a wonderful sunset cascade over the San Bernardino Mountains.

Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk & Wildlife Preserve

Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk & Wildlife Preserve is known as a beautiful place to visit. The easy to walk boardwalk will have you stopping constantly to snap stunning pictures of the mountains, the park and the wildlife in the area. The best time to visit the park is early in the morning or late afternoon to catch a sunrise or sunset over a boardwalk that’s right on top of water when the area has enough rain to fill the preserve. Get close up shots of ducks and make sure to get pictures with the quaint wooden gazebo in the background.

Fawn Park

Looking for something labeled by visitors as “odd and quirky?” Head to Fawn Park, which has a park and games of horseshoes set up for the family. It’s also the only park in Big Bear with a 9/11 Memorial. There are also photo opportunities with statues that look like overstuffed dolls, a big monster truck tire and mannequins. It’s time to get a little silly with that camera for some fun family pictures.

Pine Tree RV Park

Get your motor running in that RV and head to Pine Tree RV Park for an RV spot at a park that offers boating rentals, fishing and restaurants. This quaint RV Park is close to Big Bear Lake for great photograph opportunities. RV tip: The price you pay for a small RV park in a quaint picturesque setting though means that RVs more than 20-feet in length can’t be accommodated.

Castle Rock Trail

Your reward for walking the 1.5-mile Castle Rock Trail culminates in breathtaking views of the mountains. Directly below you’ll see Big Bear Lake and the mountains that surround it. Get there early though. Parking for this trail is limited and the spaces fill up early. This beginner hiking trail is open to bikers and dogs too, so make sure you take a selfie with your four-legged friends.


Holcomb Valley Campground

The Holcomb Valley Campground is a great place to camp and take great pictures. A moderate hike leads to mountain pinnacles, boulders and lots of pictures. Bonus perk? The valley you can camp in was once a booming part of the 1880s Gold Rush era. Now all that remains is a few remains of old buildings and a lot of nice landscape to take picturesque landscape shots. Besides a hiking trail, there are also lots of back roads for scenic drives and mountain bike paths for cyclists. It costs $21 per night to camp and there’s a $5 parking fee. This is a true camping experience too, photographers. There are toilets and picnic tables but no running water, so come prepared. Camping sites are rented on a first come, first serve basis and the word “reservation” isn’t used here. Driving Tip: The biggest hurdle of Holcomb Valley is getting there in your vehicle. It’s a dirt and rock road that’s a bumpy ride for any type of vehicle.

Pine Knot Trail

Park at the Aspen Park Picnic area and head down the Pine Knot Trail  for a moderate hike. It’s a long hike but stop halfway at the two-hour mark for a picnic area with beautiful views of the mountains that are worth posting to Facebook to make your friends jealous. You will share this trail with dogs and bikers too. Don’t forget your $5 Adventure Pass.

All that’s left to do after you charge your camera batteries is make a reservation for a comfortable Big Bear cabin or hotel room at Big Bear Frontier.

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