5 Must Read Books of Big Bear

“Books fall open, you fall in.” – David T.W. McCord

To celebrate National Get Caught Reading Month, we’ve got the 5 must read books of Big Bear you need to familiarize yourself with a town that so many people migrate to for serenity, boating, hiking, fishing and skiing. Sit back, relax and let us show you the books of Big Bear you need to put on your reading list.

5 Must Read Book of Big Bear
Falling into the following five books of Big Bear will enrich your appreciation of Big Bear Lake.

“Images of America: Big Bear”

Want a great history of Big Bear Lake that includes awesome pictures? “Images of America: Big Bear” is The Bible for those seeking to soak up every little detail about their happy place. Co-authors Stanley E. Bellamy and Russell L. Keller worked together with Big Bear Historical Museum founder Tom Core to create a comprehensive review and development of all things Big Bear. Did we mention the photos? It’s a must read.

Postcards of America: Big Bear

This is a great book for those seeking to soak up the history of Big Bear Lake. Learn how the developers of Big Bear Lake discovered the area full of grizzly bears and how a dam completed in 1884 created the glorious Big Bear Lake that we all love. Author, historian and postcard collector Russell L. Keller also filled the book with wonderful views of Big Bear through pictures and postcard images that you’ll find in postcard racks throughout Big Bear shops.

5 must read books of big bear
Enjoy all that Big Bear has to offer by reading a book.

“Images of America: Rim of the World Drive”

In “Images of America: Rim of the World Drive,” author Roger G. Hatheway walks us through how roads transformed the San Bernardino Valley forever. Read how a slow 19th century way of life that used horses for transportation became a booming Big Bear Valley that allowed automobiles to get so many more people to explore all that Big Bear has to offer.

“San Bernardino Mountain Trails”

Looking to learn all you can about the trails of Big Bear and the San Bernardino Mountains? Look no further than author John W. Robinson’s “San Bernardino Mountain Trails,” a guide that covers 100 hiking trails through Big Bear Lake, the San Bernardino National Forest and more. Bonus tips for hikers include information on the difficulty of the trails, best seasons to hike the trails and historical photos and descriptions.

5 books of Big Bear
Rise and shine with a cup of coffee and a good book to read on Big Bear Lake.

Scary Stories of Big Bear Lake

Looking for a fun and scary book to take with you to Big Bear Lake that you can read around the camp fire? Look no further than “Scary Stories of Big Bear Lake.” Author Jodi Poles unearths true stories from residents of Big Bear Lake that have witnessed everything from spooky stories to ghost tales. Stories run the gamut from the Serrano Indians (first settlers of Big Bear) to stories that focus on how the gold rush made people go mad. The author ties in the history of Big Bear nicely with this book too. If you like “Scary Stories of Big Bear,” make sure to check out Poles’ first Big Bear book, “A Haunting in Big Bear.”

Now that you have the books you need to further enrich your Big Bear Lake experience, it’s time to enjoy all that Big Bear has to offer with newfound appreciation. Make sure you have a reservation for a cozy cabin with a fireplace or a luxury hotel room at Big Bear Frontier to curl up and read after a fun-filled day of hiking, boating and more at Big Bear Lake. Make your reservation today.

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