5 Best Burgers of Big Bear

It’s National Hamburger Month and there’s not a better place to get your burger fix than Big Bear Mountain. After a busy day of boating and fishing on Big Bear Lake or hiking picturesque mountain trails, nothing will satisfy your hunger like a burger. We’ve got your burger craving covered with the 5 best burgers of Big Bear.

Best Burgers of Big Bear (1)
After a day of fishing or hiking , we have your hunger satisfied with the best burgers of Big Bear.

Get the Burger

Get the Burger. Even the name of this movie-themed burger screams, “Must get the burger!” Get the Burger owners Eric and Lynn Schwartz opened Get the Burger in 1995 after locals raved about the burgers they would cook at local chamber of commerce fundraisers. The 100% pure beef patties come with garden fresh toppings and an option for grilled onions.

Need help choosing from one of the 11 movie-themed burgers on the menu? The Director Burger features two beef patties, two slices of cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and a homemade special sauce that keeps patrons coming back for more. Looking for a great side? The Tater O’Neill  loaded tater tots come complete with cheese, sour cream, chives and bacon bits. This is a 1950s-style burger joint with a motto that tells patrons: “We make burgers the way they used to be.” This joint has old fashion soda and ice cream options that will take you back in time to another decade.

Broadway Café

Big bear burger connoisseurs love to sink their teeth into what they call homemade-tasting Angus beef burgers at Broadway Café. Bacon cheeseburgers made with Angus beef with fries or tots will satisfy your burger hunger here. Looking for a memorable burger that you didn’t think would top your burger pallet? Longtime patrons and visitors are head over the heels for the avocado bacon cheeseburger. The burgers pair great with a side of fries or homemade onion rings. This quaint neighborhood restaurant also attracts barbecue lovers that can’t get enough of the brisket sandwich.

best burgers of Big Bear
The avocado bacon cheeseburger is very popular at the Broadway Cafe in Big Bear.

B.J’s Restaurant

One of the best places in Big Bear to grab a burger is B.J’s Restaurant. The sign outside says “Cheap Beer and Lousy Food,” which is only true when referring to the beer. B.J’s serves frosty mugs of beer for less than $2. The burgers on sesame seed buns, labeled “Our Famous Burgers” on the menu, are so big that it’s common for waitresses to bring out an extra plate so a couple can share a burger. Looking for a side that’s different than your standard fries? You’re in luck. B.J’s is known for the place to come for the best chili in Big Bear.

Nottinghams Restaurant & Tavern

Situated on Big Bear Mountain in a quaint cabin-like two-story building, Nottinghams Restaurant & Tavern is knows as a great burger bar. While drink specials and the bar is what it’s known for, grabbing a burger at the bar is considered a rite of passage. Nottinghams is the place to go for a variety of gourmet burger options.

The house special, known as the Notti Burger on the menu, consists of Cheddar cheese, avocado and applewood smoke bacon. Another crowd favorite is the Teriyaki Burger, which is a fresh grilled patty with homemade Teriyaki sauce topped off with a slice of grilled pineapple. Pickle fries and potato wedges are also listed as sides along with fries and onion rings. Nottinghams also has turkey and garden burger alternatives.

Best Burgers of Big Bear
The Texas Chili Burger at Cowboy Express Steakhouse is a popular Big Bear burger.

Cowboy Express Steakhouse

First and foremost, Cowboy Express Steakhouse is known for their sizzling steaks, their burger menu should not be overlooked. Longtime patrons get The Boss Burger with onion slices or the Texas Chili Burger with crispy onion rings. That’s right, you can get a burger slathered with chili, melted cheese and onions. Grab some extra napkins and enjoy. You have to wait a bit longer to enjoy these burger selections though. The Cowboy Express Steakhouse is undergoing renovations and repairs and hopes to re-open by the end of June.

Now that we have your mouth watering burger options at Big Bear covered for National Hamburger month, make your reservation today for your Big Bear cabin or luxury hotel room at Big Bear Frontier. Make your reservation today.

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