Riding the Zip Line at Big Bear Lake

Picture yourself enjoying the view of the San Bernardino Mountains and the idyllic setting of Big Bear Lake while you’re flying through the air experiencing a rush of fresh mountain air adrenaline. If the thought of such an adventure sounds exhilarating, sign up for a zip lining adventure at Big Bear’s Action ZipLine. Here’s what you need to know to experience a zip lining tour you won’t soon forget.

big bear lake zip lining image
Enjoy the view of the San Bernardino Mountains and Big Bear Lake from a zip line.

The Action ZipLine Experience

Action ZipLine, touts itself as the only zip line built according to San Bernardino County building and safety codes. The zip line is also certified by the state of California. For $125 per person, participants will enjoy the following:

  • A three-hour zip line tour with nine speed runs from 120 feet to 820 feet in the air.
  • A fun suspension bridge in the mountains.
  • Tour guides on standby that will help you make the most of your zip lining experience.

Action ZipLine also offers a zip line and Segway combined tour for $239 per person. You can also plan a zip lining team building exercise for your family or your company.

Make sure you agree to follow these participant requirements before your tour. For more information, call (909) 866-0390 or book your tour online.

Zip Lining 101

Are you new to zip lining? We’ll fill you in on the basics and what you’re likely to expect on your zip lining tour at Big Bear Lake.

Zip lining tour attendees are suspended above the forest overlooking views of the mountains, Big Bear Lake and forest landscapes. Once you’re securely attached to your zip line above the forest floor, you will cross over and through forests and rocky canyons while enjoying breathtaking views.

Check out this Big Bear zip lining video courtesy of Action ZipLine to get a feel for what you’re going to experience firsthand at Big Bear Lake.

Zip Line Safety

First time zip lining riders are fully informed on their adventure before it starts. Zip lining tour operators mandate that participants complete a training program before their tour begins. This typically includes watching a safety video and performing a zip line practice run so you’re comfortable before your tour.

Staying Secure on the Line

Highly trained guides oversee your zip lining tour from start to finish. They perform everything from equipment checks to ensuring you are clipped to the zip line correctly.

How Fast Will You Go?

Zip lining participants at Big Bear Lake can reach speeds from 35 mph to 45 mph while zip lining. Cable can typically withstand up to 60,000 pounds and equipment is monitored for safety reasons on a daily basis.

Big Bear Lake zip lining equipmen
Highly trained guides oversee your zip lining tour and equipment from start to finish.

Zip Lining Equipment

Zip lining tours provide all the necessary equipment you need to stay safe and enjoy your zip lining tour. Guests are equipped with a harness, helmet and heavy duty gloves inspected by your zip lining guide prior to your tour.  All riders must:

  • Wear shoes (no sandals)
  • Remove attached items from their belt.
  • Leave dangling jewelry at home.
  • Tie back long hair.

Book Your Big Bear Lake Visit Now

It’s time to come to Big Bear Lake and stay awhile. Big Bear Frontier is a stone’s throw away from the lake. Make a reservation for a cool cabin or luxury hotel room at Big Bear Frontier. Make your reservation today!

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