What to do in Big Bear Lake in October

It’s easy to plan an action packed getaway weekend in Big Bear Lake in October! This weekend you can expect some great fall events and if you’re skilled enough you just might win some money too!

Big Bear Lake TroutfestBig Bear TroutFest

By day you can get in on Troutfest on Saturday, October 1, 2011 and Sunday October 2, 2011.  Troutfest is a two day trout fishing derby with four divisions you can enter while trying to catch the “big fish.”  Try one or two of our best places to fish in Big Bear Lake for a chance at the prize.  It’s a good idea to sign up early because there are only 1,000 entries available for the competition. Even if you aren’t competing it is fun to watch and hang around for the awards ceremony on Sunday.

Horror-Fi Film Festival at Big Bear

Up for a “screaming, screening” weekend?  Don’t miss the annual Big Bear Horror Film Festival on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 30 through October 2, 2011.   These Sci-Fi and Horror movies will give you an exciting look at what’s what in the world of “way out there” movies.  Yes, some of them are based on true stories.

Among the many fun films and documentaries that will keep you screaming is:  “I Am Nancy,” ( Heather Langenkamp’s experience playing Nancy in the original Nightmare on Elm Street (1983), “Dracula’s Widow,” the first film feature made by Christopher Coppola, will be Saturday night, October 1, 2011 at 8:00 p.m., and you won’t want to miss opening night, September 30 at 8:00 p.m. as Keith Allan makes a debut with his newest film  “11/11/11.” to be released November 1, 2011.  Check out other great acts at http://www.bigbearhorrorfilmfest.com/.

Big Bear Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest and a cool bier!  The #1 Oktoberfest in Southern California is still going on.  Save a bit of energy so that you can head on out to do the Chicken Dance or just mingle and enjoy the festivities. If you’re planning to be a part of this rich tradition in Big Bear Lake visit the website at www.bigbearevents.com for schedules and times. Everyone in town will be there!

Will you be attending any of the “gala affairs” this weekend?  Take a picture or share a comment if you attend any of these fun events!

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