Big Bear Lake Horror-Fi Film Festival 2011

Big Bear Horro Fi Film Festival
Image courtesy of Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival

Big Bear Horror-Fi Film Festival begins ramping up on September 27th, 2011 with a red carpet kick-off event in Hollywood before moving to Big Bear Lake, California September 30 – October 2.

Big Bear Lake Sets the Scene

Many of the movies have scenes filmed right here in Big Bear, so it seems only natural for the festival to be held here. Big Bear Lake offers a perfect movie setting in the Southern California forest, with our picturesque lake and mountain tops.

Appeal of Sci-Fi and Horror Movies

This year’s festival will feature science fiction genres along with horror movies that will make you want to scream and check to see if you are safe. Don’t worry though. Horror movies are designed to let the mind wander and serve as a fun distraction as you’ll be wondering who will get killed next or which character will survive. You’ll also wonder how the perpetrators could be so evil. They trigger your imagination and put you in the “fight or fright” mode. It’s an exhilarating ride, but in the safety of the theater.

Many of these films are actually fictionalized reenactments of a true story, which adds to the thrill. So the next time you are “home alone,”  jogging on a deserted path, running through the forest or driving on a pitch black road at night and you seem to be the only one out there…you’ll be reminded of the festival!

Film Festivals and Big Bear Frontier

We at Big Bear Frontier are proud supporters of the arts. We love hosting guests for the film festivals held here at Big Bear Lake. In fact, we are an official sponsor of the Big Bear International Film Festival held just last week! Many of our guests travel to compete for Best Film, Fan Favorite, Outstanding Performance, Best Actor and other acting awards. If you’d like to rub shoulders with these famous horror film stars join us at Big Bear Frontierand plan to attend the festival! Learn more by visiting

What’s your favorite horror movie? Do you plan to attend the Horror Film Festival this year?

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