Big Bear New Year Resolutions

As another year swiftly comes to a close and 2016 comes barreling towards us, we would like to take some time to thank everyone who stayed with us the prior 12 months.  2015 was a fantastic year for Big Bear Frontier, and we look forward to everyone who will enjoy our comfortable cabins and breathtaking views of Big Bear Lake in the year ahead.  Haven’t planned your stay yet?  Make your reservation today.

Make your reservation to stay with us in 2016 today.

As the customs goes, we here at Big Bear Frontier love deciding on our new year resolutions.  Here’s our top 5 for this year.  What makes your list?

  • Spend more time at the lake. We want to experience more of the many activities at Big Bear Lake in the warmer months.   From PaddleFest in July to TroutFest in the fall, there are so many great activities you can partake in at the lake beyond fishing and boating.  If the latter mentioned are your fav’s, though, there’s always National Fishing and Boating Week and TroutFest!   In 2016, we really want to maximize our Big Bear Lake time!
  • Plan more trips to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo! With all the activities at Big Bear Lake, you may not consider a trip to the zoo a must-see for your Big Bear vacation, but it most certainly is!  It’s a unique zoo experience for the family; it features animals native to the region in close-encounter settings.  Your admission cost goes towards a great cause, too, as it helps support the zoo’s rehabilitation of local wildlife.
  • Spend more time at our local parks like Boulder Bay Park. Big Bear Lake is surrounded by beautiful parks ready for picnics, play, or feeding the friendly local ducks.  Boulder Bay Park is one of the newer parks in the area, and is a fabulous place to spend the afternoon fishing, kayaking, or just relaxing by the lake.

    Hike, bike, and explore Big Bear Lake in 2016!
  • Hike the trails surrounding Big Bear Lake more. Castle Rock Trail is our favorite.  It’s a moderate 2.4 mile loop, and has some steep inclines, but the payoff of beautiful 360 views of the lake and surrounding ski slopes is well worth it!  Remember all the winter hiking we’ve been talking about?  This is one of those trails that are just stunning with snowfall!  The trail is well-marked and should be suitable for older children.
  • Hit the slopes more in 2016. We’re lucky enough to have the #1 snowboarding park in North America within minutes of Big Bear Frontier—Bear Mountain.  If freestyle fun is what you’re looking for then Bear Mountain has it with 200 acres of features and jumps.  Snow Summit offers year-round fun with multiple trails to snowboard, hike, or bike down.  The ski lift will take you to the top so you can soak in the beautiful views of the valley below.

    Resolve in 2016 to spend more time at the Lake.

It certainly helps us keep our resolutions when they’re as enjoyable as these.  What are your Big Bear resolutions for 2016?  Be sure to tell us on our Facebook page.  If you’re ready to get a jump start on yours, make your reservation with us today!

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