National Fishing and Boating Week

Did you know that June 6th – 14th is National Fishing and Boating Week? We couldn’t be more excited! Big Bear Lake is teeming with a variety of fish and is the perfect place to reel in a long weekend.

To show our support of this weekly celebration, Big Bear Frontier is offering 15% OFF any cabins through Sunday, June 14th. Mention this blog and redeem this offer when you book your getaway!

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Fishing is the third most popular outdoor activity in the nation. According to the 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation (NSFHWR), more than 30 million people in the United States went fishing. Of the vast majority of these outings, 81 percent were to fresh water bodies like our beloved Big Bear Lake.

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Why do we love fishing so much? One reason is its proven ability to relieve stress. It offers a way to unwind, rekindle a connection with the outdoors and unplug from the chaos of modern day life. It presents an opportunity to quietly reflect, gather thoughts and relax on the water.

We also fish for the camaraderie.  For anglers, there is nothing better than a day on the water with friends and family, making memories and connecting with a little conversation. Fishing together offers a chance to laugh, yell victoriously over the catch of the day and commiserate with each other when the big one slips away.

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We love fishing because we know our past time supports conservation. Funding received from fishing licenses in this state supports the Department of Fish and Wildlife and its conservation efforts.

In honor of National Fishing and Boating Week, we urge you to pass this love along.  Teach someone to fish this week. Hand Crafted (4)Summertime is high season to bring in largemouth bass!  Take a friend to the lake and share the excitement of getting a large Channel catfish.  Show them the proper techniques behind Trout fishing so the two of you can enter the Big Bear Lake’s Troutfest this Fall.   Charter a boat from one of the many marinas in the area or make use of Big Bear Lake’s public boat ramps; they are open through November.

We can’t wait to see what trophy catches you hook!  Make your reservation now to make 2015’s National Fishing and Boating Week one to remember.

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