Big Bear Village Wine Walk

The Village Business Association of Big Bear Lake is hosting its annual Village Summer Wine Walk this Saturday, June 6 from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Enjoy shopping while tasting wine and beer from all over the globe!

In spirit of this year’s event, here are tips on how to pair wine with local fish you’ll catch on the lake.

White vs. Red Wine

Basic culinary rules say reds go best with dense meats such as steak and whites go best with lighter fares such as fish. However, depending on the flavor intensity, texture and preparation of the fish, red wine can be just as tasteful of a match as white.

Food & Wine
Basic culinary rules say reds go best with dense meats such as steak and whites go best with lighter fares such as fish.


Delicate Fish

Flaky fish such as bass or blue gill is best complimented with a light and crisp wine such as Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. This light pairing is perfect for the summer season and warmer weather.

We recommend preparing these delicate catches with simple dressings like a sprinkle of Italian seasoning and brush of olive oil, before putting them on them on the grill or in the oven to broil.

Medium Fish

Trout is a catch commonly reeled in on the lake. Its boost of flavor calls for a white pairing with a little more body such as Chardonnay and Riesling, or even something lighter like Sauvignon Blanc.

Grilled trout with lemon
Grilled trout with lemon


This local fish favorite can be prepared by adding a drizzle of dill butter or brushed on coat of Dijon mustard.

Heavy Fish

For fried catfish lovers, this catch is best paired with the heaviness of red wine. We suggest sipping on Tempranillo, Pinot Noir or Rioja to compliment the crunch and strong flavor of a breaded or deep fried catfish.

catfish breaded
Adding texture to your fish by breading or battering opens the door to bolder wines such as reds.


Pairing by Flavor Profile

Fish is a versatile food that will handle almost any flavors you enjoy cooking with; using these flavors is another way to customize the pairing of your wine selection to your meal.

Fried or Breaded

Adding texture to your fish by breading or battering opens the door to bolder wines such as reds.   A delicious light fish such as crappie will pair well with a Grenache after corn breading and deep frying.  Stay to the lighter reds; this is key.

Sweet Marinades

Sweet marinades, such as curry and teriyaki, call for sweet wines. Serve a chilled Rosé rather than the stronger sweetness from a Moscato.

Spicy Seasonings

Spicy recipes such as blackened fish or fish tacos pair best with a dry white such as Riesling. It complements the spice well and doesn’t overpower you with flavor.EVERYTHING (1)

Differentiating palates are going to enjoy a variation of wine and culinary combinations. The most important thing to remember is find the wine and food combination that suits you. The possibilities are endless!

Accommodation & Ticket Information

If you plan to attend this weekend’s event are in need of a place to stay while attending the Village Wine Walk, contact us or call 800-798-3960. We are offering  20% OFF your stay of two or more nights this weekend only—just mention this article!

To purchase tickets click here or visit the UPS Store in Big Bear Lake Village.

Walk (8)

We will make sure your stay is a perfect complement to this eventful weekend! We would also love to know your favorite wine and lake catch pairings, so don’t forget to leave a comment, below!

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