Snowshoeing at Big Bear

Big Bear it’s cold outside!  Snow’s on the ground and winter is in full swing here at Big Bear.  Are you ready to plan your winter getaway?  Make your reservation today.

man and child snowshoeing
If you’re looking for a stay-fit activity for the winter time try snowshoeing!

If you’re looking for a stay-fit activity for the winter time but speeding down slow-covered declines just isn’t your thing, then try your hand (or feet rather) at snowshoeing.  Snowshoeing is considered by many to be a relatively safe, inexpensive way to get a great winter workout; an hour snowshoeing can burn up to 600 calories!

man snowshoeing
The scenic trails surrounding Big Bear Lake are perfect for snowshoeing.

According to the US Snowshoe Association, people have used snowshoes in North America since the first settlers migrated from Asia.  Today’s snow shoes are far more advanced than the wood framed footgear of our ancestors.  Modern snowshoes usually consist of lightweight frames and are built from durable materials ready to handle the toughest of winter treks.

The scenic trails surrounding Big Bear Lake are perfect for snowshoeing.  With lengths convenient for any fitness level, finding the right trail for your group or individual outing is simple.  Be sure to check out our guide on winter hiking for some quick preps before you go.

You don’t need to own a pair of snowshoes to get started.  Bear Valley Bikes and Goldsmith’s Boardhouse & Ski Rentals rent snowshoes so you can start your own adventure.  If something more structured is what you’re seeking, hit up Open Air Big Bear or Action Tours Big Bear for one of their guided tours.  Beginners or groups with smaller children (ages 8 and up) may want to check out the guided snowshoe tours at the Discovery Center at the Southern California Mountains Foundation.  A naturalist from the center will take your group through the forest and help beginners master the art of snowshoeing.  The Discovery Center tours do require pre-registration so be sure to register online before going.

man snowshoeing
You don’t need your own snowshoes to get started. Several locations in Big Bear have rentals.

We hope this helps get you excited about trying snowshoeing at Big Bear.  We’ll always be here when you return from your adventures with our comfortable lodging.   Go ahead, set the date for your next stay with us today!


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