What to do in Big Bear Lake | August 6 – August 12, 2012

Time traveling made easy

1.21 gigawatts not required to time travel at Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear Lake, on the rare weekend, also doubles as a time machine. While there are still some very fun modern events going on like Movies on the Beach presenting The Muppets and the 12th Annual Big Bear Firefighter’s golf tournament, the past is also sneaking in to offer people a great time. If you look hard enough, you can find lawmen with shiny stars and knights in shining armor lurking around the lake. You may even hear some sounds from the 70’s drifting through the night air.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Monday, August 6- High 85°, Low 58°
Tuesday, August 7- High 85°, Low 58°
Wednesday, August 8- High 86°, Low 59°
Thursday, August 9- High 87°, Low 60°
Friday, August 10- High 88°, Low 60°
Saturday, August 11- High 87°, Low 58°
Sunday, August 12- High 85°, Low 56°

This Week at Big Bear Lake

Get Your Motor Running with the Big Bear Antique Car Club

Are you ready for the 23rd annual Fun Run, presented by the Big Bear Lake Antique Car Club this weekend? It all starts on Friday, with the cars getting registered and shined up for the weekend. Saturday is the big day, where all of the cars will be brought in, judged, and the “Cruise around the Lake” will take place.  Fans will be lined up all around the lake to see the vehicles cruising in all of their glory. The awards ceremony will start bright and early on Sunday morning, giving you a fill extra day to enjoy the area! Are you an antique car enthusiast? Check out photos from past Antique Car Club events here.

Living History with Music at the Mansion

If you missed the performance of “Wyatt Earp: A Life on the Frontier” last year, here is your chance to see different perspective of the Wyatt Earp legacy. This Sunday the Knickerbocker Mansion will host “The Life and Times of Doc Holiday”, presented by Wyatt Earp’s great-grand-nephew. This performance will focus on how Earp and Holiday became such good friends in the waning days of America’s Wild West. Dinner will also be available with the performance.

Blast from the Past

Further and further back in history we go…before sleek cars and sharp lawmen. This weekend is also the beginning of the Big Bear City Renaissance Faire! This is your chance to experience what a summer fair would be like during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Good food, unique clothing, and plenty of entertainment fill the air at Pederson’s Mill. Though it is a representation of a classic fair, there are still very modern ways to get your tickets.

History will be on display in many forms this weekend, from glistening cars to flashing swords. When you are ready to come back to the modern world, we have all the accommodations you need to relax and have an extraordinary stay at Big Bear Lake. Make your reservations online to make sure you get all the time you need for your explorations up in the mountains. See you soon!


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