Nostalgic Cars Bring Back the Good Old Days

If you’re planning a visit to Big Bear Lake during one of our antique car club events you’re in for a real treat! The Big Bear Lake Antique Car Club has over 100 members and their mission is to bring folks together to showcase their beautifully restored antique cars while raising money for charities in Big Bear Valley. The club holds several events throughout the year and if you go, be sure to bring your camera. We did, and here’s what we learned and saw.

The first event, “Spring Cruising” is held at Nottingham’s in the village on the first weekend in May.  On this weekend the parking lot is transformed into a showcase of beautiful, priceless cars. Some of the cars are restored to factory condition while others have minor or even major modifications.  No matter how they’ve been modified, all of the cars bring back that time when American design was truly unique.

We plan to attend all the shows this year, so watch our Facebook page and blog for dates and times of upcoming shows. For example, there there’s a “classic car show” coming up on Memorial Day Weekend where you’ll see classic cars, hot rods, custom paint jobs, wheels, tires, and lots of shiny chrome. On August 14 you won’t want to miss the “Fun Run Car Show, ” which we’re told is the biggest show all year. Last year we were honored to have many of the club members as guests at Big Bear Frontier  so their cars were parked out front all week! A guest told us shortly after that the show was one of the highlights of their visit.  There will be an engine raffle and a big awards ceremony at this show, so you won’t want to miss it. 

We’ll post more details of each show as they come up. Until then, enjoy these photos we took at the Spring Cruising. Beautiful, aren’t they?

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Are you a member of the club or do any of these vehicles bring back memories for you? Share them here with us, or drop us a line on Facebook. We love to reminisce!


2 Replies to “Nostalgic Cars Bring Back the Good Old Days”

  1. I was doing a search for my husband regarding vintage classic cars and came upon this site. LOVE the pictures of all the classic cars! My husband is in the process of building a 33-34 Ford Coupe.

    1. There is a lot of interest in these classic cars, Kelly, as this is one of our most popular blog posts so far. We hope you’ll visit us some day and show off the cars your husband is restoring! Thanks for your comment.

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