Best Places for Big Bear Lake Pizza

Is there really anything better than a hot slice of pizza with your favorite toppings on a cool fall evening? There is actually. When you enjoy a pie in the serenity of Big Bear Lake among the mountains in a quaint downtown setting, that pizza tastes even better. Save some room for a couple of slices as we dish up the best places for Big Bear Lake pizza.

big bear best pizza
Save some room for a couple of slices as we dish up the best places for Big Bear Lake pizza.

Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria

You want to hit up this pizza joint just for the name alone. You should also go because Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria is consistently ranked by locals and visitors as the best place to eat a pie. They use a sauce recipe that’s been handed down to each generation of the family-owned establishment for the last 70 years. Pizza connoisseurs rave about all the pizzas on the menu. A favorite to consider is the large Wendy’s Special, which comes loaded with pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, onions, olives and tomatoes. Saucy Mama’s pizzas are known for their thick crusts and extra saucy pies. Make sure you order what many call the best mozzarella sticks they’ve ever tasted and dip them in the signature sauce.

Enjoy a cold beer and the classic rock-themed restaurant that has one wall filled with album covers. Try your hand at the classic rock crossword puzzle on the wall near the bathrooms too.

Village Pizza

Village Pizza is another very popular pizza hangout in Big Bear Lake Village. Patrons love all their pizzas on the menu, especially the Meat Lovers pizza. The pizzas are known for being crispy and have a hand tossed crust. They come out piping hot in their pans straight to your table. Village Pizza also serves up up popular chicken wings and has a great selection of pasta dishes and both cold and hot subs.

big bear best pizza image
Big Bear Lake is known for pizza eateries that make pies with fresh ingredients.

Maggio’s Pizza

It’s really hard to decide who has the best pizza in town at Big Bear Lake. Many argue that Maggio’s Pizza is the best pizza place in town too. Pizzas are known for their doughy crusts while still having a nice crunch when you take a bite of the slice. People also love the meat sauce in the lasagna and the calzones on the menu.

A cool perk at Maggio’s is they also allow you to custom order your pasta, picking the style of pasta and the sauce you want.

Red Baron Pizza Sports Bar

Red Baron Pizza Sports Bar makes piping hot pizzas that are homemade with fresh ingredients. The dough is made from scratch and is topped with homemade sauce and fresh grated mozzarella cheese. Looking for something different on the menu? Try the very popular chicken pesto pizza that comes with or without cashews at your request. Customers also love the chicken wings and the fresh antipasto salad.

Bonus tip for families: Red Baron has a full liquor bar while still creating an inviting ambiance for kids with a variety of arcade games in a separate game room.

best pizza of big bear lake
Schedule a visit to Big Bear Lake to enjoy a great pizza on a cool fall evening.

No Name Take N Bake Pizza

You will remember No Name Take N Bake Pizza once you sink your teeth into their fresh ingredient pizzas. Crispy crusts, fresh cheese and ingredients that are bought from local farmers are some of the reasons to buy a pie here.

Eat inside or on the outside patio, or order a pre-made pizza on the menu to take home. Just follow the instructions and pop your pie in the oven to create the same pie at home they serve up in the eatery. The Everything Pizza is a popular choice here. No Name is also known for their less than creative names for cold sandwiches that include The Whatever, The Who Cares, The Doohickey and The Thingamajig.

Eating Restriction Tip: The dough is vegan friendly and vegetarians love the Veggie Pizza.

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