How to Winterize Your Bike for Big Bear Lake Trails

Winter is right around the corner at Big Bear Lake. The cooler weather shouldn’t deter avid bicyclists from enjoying the sights and sounds of Big Bear Lake on the nature trails and in the surrounding area though. These tips will help how to prepare your bike for winter so you can keep riding the trails while protecting your bike.

winterize bicycle big bear lake
Follow these tips to prepare your bike for winter so you can keep riding the trails while protecting your bike.

Winterize Your Bike Now

The time to start preparations for winterizing your bike is before the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter. Winterizing ensures your bike is ready for the winter weather riding conditions before cold rain and snow arrive.

Lubrication is Key

Cooler and dryer weather is harsh on bicycle aluminum frames, which can corrode from the inside out. Use a lubricant such as Frame Saver to spray your frame and protect it from the harsher winter weather.

Coat the Inside of Your Bike Frame

Coat the inside of your frame, too. Remove the seat and other brackets to gain access to the hollow inside of the frame. Seal the lubricant you spray inside the frame by replacing the parts you removed. Use some enamel or touch up paint to fill any holes, and make sure greased bolts are tight to prevent water from getting into the frame.

Protect Bicycle Leather

Leather bags and seats can take a real beating in the winter as the protective oils in leather are diminished during cool and dry weather. First, remove dirt from your leather with a toothbrush. Then protect your bike’s leather components by using a rag to wipe a generous amount of leather cleaner/protector, following the directions on the product carefully.

Utilize Mudguards

Mudguards are regarded as one of the most important winter bicycle accessories you can use. They shield the frame and more importantly, the chain, from getting sprayed with water and mud. They also protect you from getting splashed with mud on the trails of Big Bear Lake.

Mudguard tip: You may need to cut a small slit in aftermarket mudguards to make room for the breaks.

winterize bicycle big bear lake
You’re more likely to get a flat in the winter when it’s harder to see rocks and wood on trails.

Prepping for Punctures

You’re more likely to get a flat in the winter when the days are shorter and it’s harder to see rocks and wood on trails that might be covered by winter elements. Consider installing winter tires that are filled with gel or protected with polyurethane protective strips. These protect tires and help them to ride a bit longer after a puncture.

Seal Bicycle Cables

Bicycle cables are critical to the smooth shifting of your bike’s chain and reliable braking. Make sure the end caps that hold your cables aren’t brittle and that the cable itself is protected with a drop of oil. If your cables are frayed, it’s time to replace them. When you’re finished inspecting your cables, lock them in place with end caps and make sure the anchor bolts are secure.

Stainless Steel Parts Work Best

Stainless steel parts are the best way to make sure your bicycle can withstand the winter elements. If it’s possible, make sure your bicycle is equipped with the following stainless steel parts:

  • Brake and gear cables
  • Chains
  • Fasteners
  • Aftermarket ball bearings
winterize bicycle big bear lake
Most bicycle shops stock an aftermarket selection of stainless steel parts and accessories.

Apply a Coat of Car Wax

Once you’ve taken measures to winterize your bike, your last step should be applying a coat of car wax to the bike frame, especially underneath, where it’s susceptible to water, dirt and stones. Make sure the bike is clean before you apply the wax. It doesn’t hurt to wax the wheels and individual spokes too. Allow the wax to dry to a haze and then buff it out with a clean rag.

Use Reflective Aids When Bike-Riding

Winter days are both darker and shorter. Make sure you use reflectors in the winter months and flashlights with fresh batteries so you can see and be seen at all times by other bicyclists, trail walkers and motorists.

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