We Are All A Little Irish This Weekend

It is a lucky weekend for everyone!

Most snowboarders and skiers would agree that green has not been our favorite color this snow season. Too much of it is visible around the Big Bear Lake, and they are not fans. With St. Patrick’s Day arriving this Monday, plenty of the guests that arrive here will be singing a different tune about green. We want to be as lucky as the Irish are, and get another big burst of snow before the end of the ski season. If not, this place is still going to be hopping for the big weekend. Did you think snowboarding is the only thing to do here?

Win your Own Pot O’ Gold

Get here on Friday the 14th and you can test your luck at the Luck of the Irish Casino Night at the Convention Center. Prepay and save a little for beer, or you pay at the door. Bring a little extra and try your skills at the Texas Hold-em poker tournament that will be going on through the evening. Win or lose, you know that part of the proceeds go to Singing Pines Education Center.

To Green Beer, Or Not to Green Beer?

Gold coins
Felling good before Casino Night?

Whiskey Dave’s knows how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. So much so, that they are going at it for two days, March 16th and 17th. There will be trivia, corned beef and cabbage, Irish whisky specials…the works. They are ready to go, and so is Nottingham’s. Make sure your outfit is sporting the green, and you’ll get happy hour specials the whole time you are there. Big Bear Mountain Brewery is not too far from us, and they have some delightful beers for St. Patrick’s Day

Still hoping to get a little skiing in before it all goes away? Snow Summit is going to offer their midweek prices over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend! We also know someone who has a birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t want to mention names, but he did just raise a little green for the Special Olympics by running into Big Bear Lake. Head over to our website to make a reservation, or call 800-457-6401 to talk with the very friendly staff here. Just don’t wait too long. All of the available rooms may magically disappear!

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