Spring Things to do in Big Bear

Big Bear Lake Panorama
This will be here sooner than you think.

Spring is here. Some people would argue that winter skipped over our corner of the country, but it is time to move forward and start getting ready for all of the activities that spring offers up here at Big Bear Lake. There is a little something for everyone! We are focusing on the events that we know our guests are coming back for year after year, so you can get your reservations in before the rush.

CATS Begins its 2014 Season

Starting March 21, the Community Arts Theater Society (CATS) will kick off 2014 with “I Do I Do!”, a musical about the ups and downs of marriage as seen through the eyes of one couple. They will follow that up in the summer with “The Wizard of Oz”, a story about two women fighting over shoes. If you are a fan of old-time movies complete with piano accompaniment, Bob Salisbury will be doing a Movie Under the Stars in August. The season ends just after Thanksgiving with a CATS Holiday Musical to get you ready for the holiday season. Tickets for “I Do I Do!” are available now for you to bring your bride or groom to see.

Fresh and Local Food

Fresh produce with an empty wooden table
All of this could be yours…

Spring also marks the return of the Big Bear Farmer’s Market! From April through September, you can spend part of your vacation picking up fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and spices that are grown locally. There are also local craftsmen and artists who have set up their tents to sell their unique wares. All of this great produce can be utilized in our full kitchens to make some great meals. As long as you share.

Plenty of Fishing

Are you ready for fishing to come back in season? There is plenty of fresh fish in the lake for you to prepare, but you have to catch them first. If catching them and cleaning them is not your style, you can catch them for sport and have someone else clean and eat them! Aaron’s Big Bass Tournaments are returning this year with five different dates, as well as a season beginning and ending tournament. April 1st is the beginning of the season Spring Bass Blast. And, of course May brings back the Jim Hall Memorial Trout Classic.

Hitting the Trails

The warm weather would have allowed it all winter, but when spring rolls around, the bicycles start to roll out of storage and the runners and hikers start to gather their packs and head for the trails. If you did not get a chance to try it out last year, the Skyline Trail is not even a year old yet and is still being developed in some places. You can head over to Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation to find out everything going on with the trails in the area and even plan your own trip. After all, there are some great outdoor events coming up you’ll want to train for.

Memorial Day

Red classic car
Classic cars? In spring they come out of hibernation to show off.

The unofficial start of summer, a nice long weekend, is a perfect time to get away from the big city and head up into the cool, quiet mountains! We’ll be happy for some nice warm weather for the Big Bear Starlight Festival: music, food, and fun under the stars. The warm weather will bring out the car enthusiasts as well for the Antique Car Club Show and Pinewood Derby. Spring will also be a good time to get up here and start training for all of the summer running events, starting with the Half Marathon and Memorial 5K Fun Run on May 25th. We will book up fast for Memorial Day; making your plans early is not a bad idea.

With such a mild winter, some of the seasonal resorts are already looking to move to their warm weather schedule of events. Keep watching this space to see what changes are coming. You can also start planning your own spring break hijinks by reserving your space here at the Frontier. Who knows, maybe you can coordinate your hijinks, and all sort of tomfoolery can occur.

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