Storing your Winter Equipment – Things to do at Big Bear Lake

All of this gear gear is going to have to be put away soon. It is very sad.

From where we are standing in Big Bear Lake, we can see that the snow is going to end at some point and we’re going to have to think about storing our winter equipment. The temperatures are warming towards the end of this week and spring is over three weeks away. We are hoping that the snow will hang on for as long as possible, but the beauty of spring is going to set in soon and our skiing and snowboarding equipment is going to be put away for a few months. There is more to putting your gear away than throwing it in a box in the attic or basement for a few months! Take care of it now so it is ready for you when the snow comes back to Big Bear! The weather for this weekend is not snow-friendly…

Big Bear Lake Weather

Tuesday, February 26 – High 46°, Low 20°
Wednesday, February 27– High 48°, Low 20°
Thursday, February 28 – High 52°, Low 23°
Friday, March 1 – High 57°, Low 26°
Saturday, March 2 – High 60°, Low 28°
Sunday, March 3 – High 59°, Low 25°
Monday, March 4 – High 55°, Low 26°

At the beginning of ski season we offered a few tips about getting ready for ski and snowboard season. Making sure you take care of your gear at the end of the season will give your expensive equipment a longer life as well as get you back out on the slopes faster in late fall/early winter.

  • Get it professionally tuned. You have treated your board or skis a little rough over the last three months. The bindings may be worn or loose, there are some cuts or gouges in the board itself, and the edges are a little dull. If you are a veteran you can repair your equipment by yourself, but you want to get this maintenance out of the way before you store them, to make sure nothing happens in storage that could potentially make small issues major ones. The other advantage to tuning your equipment at a shop is end of season sales. You may be able to replace some of your more worn equipment when pricing is at its lowest.
  • Wax it up. Head to a local shop and get some cheap wax, then put a nice thick coat all over your skis or board. While frozen water is your friend during the winter, it is your enemy while your gear is being stored. Water will rust any metal and warp any wood it stays in contact with. The wax will keep it at a safe distance, and you can scrape it off at the beginning of next season.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. You want your equipment safe from not only water, but from heat and cold as well. Fluctuations in temperature can warp delicate pieces or cause mildew to form in boots, gloves, or coats. If you have a closet or storage room in the house, it is better than keeping them in the attic, garage, or any other non-insulated area.
  • Upright or flat. Do not lean your board or skis against the wall! Doing so could leave a slight bend in them because of the weight of the item being pulled down in the center. Make sure you are lying it flat, or hanging it from the wall. Some ski racks that attach to the top of your car can also be fitted to hang from the wall or from the ceiling.
  • Bin there, store that. You have more equipment to take care of than just the skis and snowboards. What do you do with the rest of your gear? Store them in airtight bins! Wash and dry anything you can before you store them, to make sure they are fresh when you pull them out next winter. Clean off your boots thoroughly, and make sure nothing is jammed in them (like socks) that could cause mold or mildew to form over the summer. Close the clasps on your boots as well to make sure they do not get stuck in an open position. Once everything is squeaky clean, put your gear in their respective bins and mark them. Now gather up all of the little things you always seem to lose over the summer and make sure they have their own bin as well. They may be little, but locks and wax can add up year over year if you keep losing them.

Taking a few hours at the end of ski and snowboard season to store your gear properly will save you time and money at the beginning of next season. Don’t start just yet, though! There are still a few good weeks left, so make reservations with us for one last snowy weekend before you pack everything up for spring. Now where did I put those fishing poles…?


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