Getting Ready for Skiing – What to do around Big Bear Lake

Downhill skier with snow
This will be coming to Big Bear soon. Get ready now!

The weather this weekend is going to get teasingly cold up here at Big Bear Lake. We will have lows in the twenties on some nights, and highs that are dropping as well. We have been excited ever since we had that little taste of snow a couple of weeks ago, and we’re ready for the skiing and snowboarding seasons to begin. Before you head up here to the slopes, let us help you make sure everything, including your body, is in proper working order. How do you get prepared rushing down the mountains? We are glad you asked.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Tuesday, November 6 – High 71°, Low 32°
Wednesday, November 7 – High 67°, Low 31°
Thursday, November 8 – High 56°, Low 28°
Friday, November 9 – High 45°, Low 20°
Saturday, November 10  – High 42°, Low 19°
Sunday, November 11 – High 51°, Low 25°
Monday, November 12 – High 56°, Low 28°

Getting your ski equipment ready

Maybe your skis or snowboard have not seen daylight since late April, and you are pretty sure your equipment is in a box in the attic – somewhere. Now is a good time to take all your skiing and snowboarding equipment out, take inventory and inspect your things. Here’s how to get started.

  • Make sure all of your outerwear is free of rips, cuts, lost buttons, broken zippers, or any other minor repairs. You can get them taken care of before the season starts, or if they are too dire, replace them.
  • How are your goggles doing? Do you have both gloves? Enough socks?
  • Have backups of things like wax, warmers, and any other consumables you use. The further out you start to plan, the better a possibility of getting good deals before the season really hits.
  • Look over skis and snowboards. Just as you would tune up a car before taking it on a long trip, take the same care with your skis before you take them on the slopes.
    • Make sure your edges are not too rough.
    • Inspect all of the places there are moving parts or connections, to make sure they are not worn or broken.
    • Wax up your gear. You want to make sure that you are hitting the slopes as hard as possible, right?

Prepare yourself for outdoor winter activities

Excellent! Your gloves match, your skis and boards are primed, and all you need to know is that the temperature is cold and the snow is falling. There is one last thing you are going to need to do. Make sure your body is going to be able to handle the work out. You might be really fit, but steering over snow takes a different set of muscles.

  • Work on your balance.
    • It helps you stay upright better for all of the minor bumps, rocks, and adjustments you need to make.
    • It works a different set of muscles, helping you to move easier and stay out longer.
  • Work on your flexibility
    • More flexibility lowers your chances for serious injuries.
    • Good flexibility improves performance, making you a little sharper on the snow.
    • Your hamstrings and lower back have the biggest impact.
  • Keep your legs strong.
    • Lunges will help your overall leg strength. You can add weight for more intensity.
    • Wall squats will also help improve your lower core muscles and leg strength.
    • Jumping rope or standing jumps will help strengthen the muscles around your knees, to help you pad all of the little bounces or big leaps you are going to take.
  • Cardio workouts are not just for escaping zombies. The more work you have done for your heart and lungs, the better they will treat you when racing down the mountain and then going all the way back up.

We know that Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are just as excited as we are about snow coming to Big Bear Lake. Get your reservations ready for December, January, and February now to beat the rush. Who knows, maybe Old Man Winter will give us an early gift of snow this year?


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