What to do in Big Bear Lake | June 25 – July 1, 2012

Celebrating Art

A thing of beauty…

There are plenty of beautiful places to go and views to be had while you’re at Big Bear Lake. There is also beauty in some of the indoor places! Big Bear Village offers a wide range of galleries for people to browse through and enjoy. Art does not always need to be hung on walls; however. Sometimes it is forged into metal and turned into an American icon! The Big Bear area has a love affair with cars (our blog post Nostalgic Cars Bring Back the Good Old Days is one of our most popular) which you’ll experience on any given weekend around the lake. If you are looking for an adventure for the eyes, we have a few suggestions for you this week! The weather looks great for everything you have planned.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Monday, June 25- High 76°, Low 43°
Tuesday, June 26- High 78°, Low 46°
Wednesday, June 27- High 79, Low 48°
Thurday, June 28- High 80°, Low 48°
Friday, June 29- High 81°, Low 48°
Saturday, June 30- High 80°, Low 47°
Sunday, July 1- High 79°, Low 48°

This Week at Big Bear Lake

Corvette Bash turns 30!

Another 30th anniversary celebration here at Big Bear Lake! The Corvettes West Big Bear Bash will be here all weekend long. This is a chance to see Corvettes as they have changed through the years and meet other car enthusiasts. There will be a car show, shopping, meals, and plenty of other activities to indulge in over the weekend.

Actors and Art

This Saturday there will be a reception at The Gallery in the Village featuring the collection of Richard Moll. The actor, best known for his role as Bull Shannon in Night Court, will be there for the reception, displaying his collection of early California and Western Art. Part of the proceeds from the sale of art will go the Big Bear Valley Arts Counsel.

Art in the Sky

Fourth of July is right around the corner, and Big Bear Lake is going to have one of the best fireworks shows in Southern California! Spend the day enjoying the trails, relaxing by the lake, or plan on going to the Rotary Club’s Fourth of July BBQ! Tickets for this event will go quickly, and the location offers some of the best views of the fireworks in Big Bear.

We are excited about all of the arts and shows that will be available to our guests. If you are looking to spend a long weekend here for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, make your reservations now to beat the rush for the festivities. Our guests have rights to the area around the cabins, so no fighting crowds if you are spending time here with us. Just one more reason to come up and visit us on the lake!


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