5 Best Ice Cream Shops of Big Bear

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! There’s nothing better than celebrating National Ice Cream Month than with an ice cream cone or a couple of scoops in a cup drizzled with your favorite toppings on a warm sunny afternoon at Big Bear Lake. We’ve got your top ice cream shops that deserve a visit.

Best Ice Cream shops of big bear
There are five ice cream shops at Big Bear Lake that deserve your attention this summer.

North Pole Fudge & Ice Cream Co.

Patrons say it seems like you are walking into Santa’s North Pole candy and ice cream shop when you step into North Pole Fudge & Ice Cream Co. Even better? This ice cream shop in Big Bear Lake Village has a menu that offers several varieties of fresh fudge made with real cream and butter. Top off your sundaes with fresh chocolate made in house or enjoy a banana splits and you have an ice cream shop that you’ll be visiting again and again.

Looking for something different? Try a scoop of the refreshing green tea ice cream or black cherry vanilla. Their homemade waffle cones also come with white chocolate, milk chocolate or Oreo crumble melted on the outside of the cones. You can close your mouth now.

North Pole Sweets & Treats

Who knew there were two North Pole ice cream shops in Big Bear Lake? We’re not complaining though. North Pole Sweets & Treats offers the popular Dryers ice cream selection, fudge, chocolate and candy. Patrons love the creamy ice cream. Popular flavors include strawberry cheesecake and chocolate brownie flavors.

If you’re looking for something different, the caramel apples are also a popular treat.

best ice cream shops of big bear lake
Live a little and get a waffle ice cream cone at Big Bear Lake.

Village Sweet Shoppe

This is the ice cream and candy shop that your parents remember. Patrons walking outside are beckoned to the Village Sweet Shoppe with its bright colors and huge barrels of candy sitting inside filled with every candy imaginable. After your eyes take a breather from the Willy Wonka scene in front of them, you will spot homemade gelato that everyone raves about. Try the pumpkin, birthday cake, cafe and white chocolate raspberry flavors. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

This shop also has gourmet soda, saltwater taffy and a toy selection the kids will enjoy.

An Ran Ju Gelato & Teahouse

So how does Big Bear Lake’s only exclusive tea shop make the list of best ice cream shops in Big Bear? Let us count all 24 flavors of Gelato as our reasons why An Ran Ju Gelato & Teahouse makes the list. Predominantly a specialty tea shop, An Ran Ju Gelato & Teahouse has become a hot spot for gelato lovers too. Popular flavors include peanut butter cup, salted caramel, tiramisu and cookies and cream. Not sure what flavor to get? The staff will let you try any flavor until you make a decision.

This shop is also known for being a lover of dogs. Every dog that enters the shop gets its own scoop of peanut butter cup gelato.

big bear ice cream shops
Now that you have your ice cream cravings menu set, it’s time to book your Big Bear vacation at Big Bear Frontier.

The Classic Malt Shoppe

Looking for a great sundae? Have a hankering for a malt? Head a few miles down the road to Green Valley Lake and visit The Classic Malt Shoppe. Known for malts that will send you back in time to the 1950s, this great burger and fries joint is also heralded for its creamy malts and sundaes.

Just a few ice cream and malt flavors that will cool you down while you rock on the outside porch include chocolate, coffee, mint, peanut butter and banana. The malts are so big that two people can easily split one.

Book a Big Bear Vacation Stay

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