6 Fun Places to Shop at Big Bear Lake

It’s National Independent Retailer Month and there’s not a better place to get your shopping fix than Big Bear Lake. It’s full of quaint, artistic and funky shops where you can purchase items that you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve got your shopping plans covered, so put on those comfortable shoes as we show you where to shop at Big Bear.

shop at big bear
Put on those comfortable shoes as we show you where to shop at Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear Lake Village

Combine year-round festivals, wine and art gatherings and independent shops all packaged together in a quaint shopping and restaurant district and you have Big Bear Lake Village.

It’s mecca of more than 120 local shops for those yearning to shop on a street that looks like it came straight from the town of Mayberry. Big Bear Lake Village is also a dog-friendly community, with many shops leaving water dishes outside for doggies on warm summer days.

Want to impress your partner and rest your feet from a day of shopping? Take a scenic tour of Big Bear Lake in a horse drawn carriage.

Looking to drink wine and shop? Big Bear Lake Village is selling tickets now for its Summer Wine Walk 3:30 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 24. Tickets are $35 if bought prior to Sept. 12 and $45 starting Sept. 13.

shop at big bear
Big Bear Lake Village is a popular shopping district that holds events throughout the year.

Hunter Hall’s Haberdashery

If the name alone doesn’t draw you into this women’s clothing shop, the selection of casual chic clothing and shoes at Hunter Hall’s Haberdashery will. You can find everything from Victorian carpet bags to accessories, jewelry and gifts. It’s known for its selection and affordable prices too.

Wings Jewelry and Gifts

Visitors of Big Bear Lake call Wings Jewelry and Gifts one of the best jewelry stores around. Visitors are known to find their wedding rings there and the shop does its own engagement and wedding ring designs in house.

Butcher’s Block

Step back in time to an independent hardware store that has stood the test of time and prospered in the era of big box hardware stores. Well organized, stocked and clean, Butcher’s Block is a hardware store on the mountain that has what you need quickly in a cabin-like setting. Patrons can get lost in the store and its staff is ready to help you find what you’re looking for.

Stupididiotic Factory Outlet

You will never find another store quite like Stupididiotic Factory Outlet. It’s the store where you really don’t need anything but you can’t help but leave with something every time you enter. It’s called a must-see shopping stop for tis assortment of goofy and unique items. Those that enter can be seen laughing at everything from gag gifts to more creative items like a fleece blanket with sleeves. It’s been explained as an edgy Sharper Image invention store, so be sure and enter with a sense of humor.

shop at big bear
Now that you have shopping plans, it’s time to book your Big Bear vacation at Big Bear Frontier.

Village Faire

Known as The Everything Store of Big Bear, Village Faire is a memorabilia shop, clothing store, book store, toy store, arts and crafts hub and a Christmas decoration store all in one. As if all that wasn’t enough, Village Faire also has the best beef jerky in town. Make sure you allot enough time in this store. You can easily lose track of time in this shop.

Now that you have your shopping schedule booked, it’s time to book your Big Bear vacation at Big Bear Frontier. We have comfortable cabins and luxury hotel rooms ready for you and your shopping purchases. Make your reservation today!

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