Tips for your First Time on the Slopes

As much as we love swimming in our beloved Big Bear Lake, winter time here at Big Bear Frontier is especially great because of ski and snowboard season.  Want to plan your winter sporting getaway?  Make your reservation at Big Bear Frontier today.

Before you hit the lift, take a look at the lesson packages offered by your chosen location. Many will combine rental and lessons.

If you’re looking forward to a winter getaway and your first time on the slopes, we’ve got a few tips that will help prepare you for the best bunny hill experience.

Planning Your First Time on the Slopes

Before you hit the lift, take a look at the lesson packages offered by your chosen location.  Many have discounted packages that include gear rentals, passes, and lessons and are a great buy for first timers.  If you’re planning on hitting the slopes here at Big Bear, check out Bear Mountain and Snow Summit’s websites for rental and lesson information.  Staying with us for your ski/boarding weekend?  You won’t need to worry about transportation to and from the hills.  Big Bear Frontier is on the Big Bear Weekend Trolley line and will take you and your gear to and from the resorts.

Proper fit is important for all gear. If you borrow, ask a pro shop employee if your gear is right.

Check your own closet to see if you already have the appropriate active wear for a day out in the snow.  Fleece, long sleeved or turtle-neck active wear shirts and waterproof outdoor wear that you can move in works well.  Don’t wear overly thick socks as this may restrict circulation, making your feet colder!

If you do borrow your gear, make sure it fits securely and isn’t too tight or loose.  If you have doubts, ask the pro shop attendees.

Hitting the Slopes

First timers should schedule lessons in advance so you can get a slot in a beginner class.  Make sure you are clear with your instructor about your experience level.  It may be cold out, but don’t forget that this is exercise!  You should stretch before hand and stay hydrated.  Most importantly, listen to your body and stop if something is not comfortable or you are feeling fatigued rest or call it a day.  There will be plenty of time for boarding in the future!

Don’t wear yourself out your first day out! Have fun!

If you’re ready to hit the slopes, make sure you plan your stay with us in our comfortable cabins and luxury hotel rooms.  Make your reservations today!

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