Get Fit With Fitness Model Rob Riches in Big Bear

Rob Riches
Photo courtesy of Rob Riches

Rob Riches, one of the nation’s top total fitness models and champion drug-free competitors has been a special guest at Big Bear Frontier for the past several days. He’s been here filming fitness and nutrition videos for his huge following of fans. If you don’t know Rob, check him out on Facebook.

On the last day of his visit, Rob and his video producer, Demetri joined us for breakfast at the well known Grizzly Manor Café on Big Bear Boulevard to share his story.

I’m busy wondering what I might order so that it would appear that “total fitness” was my passion, when I hear Rob order 2  buckwheat pancakes with chocolate chips and blueberries…plus a banana. For any of you that have ever treated yourself by eating at the renowned Grizzly Manor in Big Bear, you know that those pancakes cover the entire plate.  Well, Rob couldn’t finish eating that much food but he established that he too, gets the temptation to splurge. He shared with us that when he does splurge, he enjoys the moment, and then gets right back to his fitness plan.

Big Bear as a Fitness Destination

What came out of our discussion that morning and from observing him while he visited is that Rob has a tremendous passion to help the world with total fitness.  He loves to snowboard and loves the mountains, which is why Big Bear is a perfect fitness destination for Rob.

The week went fast so we were glad when Rob and his crew told us they are anxious to return to Big Bear very soon.  Rob plans to develop a series of high altitude total fitness training videos, which will also include food and nutrition tips.

We plan to stay in touch with Rob and are looking forward to his return visit. You can connect with Rob on Twitter @RobRiches and with us @bigbear_cabins to keep tabs on his visits and to watch for the finished videos.

Before he left, Rob tweeted:

Big thanks to @BigBear_Cabins for putting me up for the week in this great lake-side cabin. I’ll be back soon!

If you’re interested in learning more about Rob Riches, visit his official website at


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