First Big Bear Bicycle Week is Here!

Anyone else feel the need for speed?
Anyone else feel the need for speed?


Bike riders! This week is for you! From July 26th to August 3rd (August already?), Big Bear Lake becomes a haven for bicycle riders of all experience levels and ages. It marks the first annual Big Bear Cycling Festival, to be held at multiple venues around the lake. It is a labor of love by the combined efforts of the Big Bear Cycling Association and the City of Big Bear Lake. We are surrounded by beautiful views and challenging trails, all high up in the mountains. Trails have been set for any rider, so if you are just looking to get back on your bike or trying to push yourself to the next gear, there is something planned for you.

The weekend starts off on Friday with another first at Big Bear, the Big Bear Mountain Gran Fondo and Grizzly. It starts with a 20K Sky View ride for beginners or those getting back into cycling. You can also do a 30K, 70K, or the Terrible 10,000 100K bike ride. The ride itself is Saturday, and you will have a chance to recover on Sunday before the people begin preparations for the Tour de Big Bear on Saturday, August 2nd. There will be
acclimations rides all week, starting with a short twenty five mile one from the Copper Q up to a seventy mile journey that begins at Maggio’s Pizza. Amid the preparations for the huge ride on Saturday, there will be dinners, brewery tours, concerts, and a Kid’s Day Family Event on Thursday. Even if you are not riding, there are a plethora of events to keep you entertained.

Gran Fondo logo Big Bear
The First Annual Gran Fondo and Grizzly offers four levels of difficulty.

For those of you who are riding, there are a few things you should remember before you hit the trails:

  1. Make sure you are registered for the event. You can still register for both of the events, but today is the last day for the Gran Fondo.
  2. Eat up the day before. You are going to burn plenty of fuel during the ride. Have meals that are full of good carbohydrates, like pasta and quioa. Avoid protein or fiber, which will not keep you fuelled as long and force more frequent stops.
  3. Take it easy the night before. It is not a night to go out drinking and staying up to the wee hours of the morning. Get to bed early and make sure you are well rested for the task the next day. Partying is for when you are done.
  4. Breakfast of champions. Have some carbs before the event, but not so much that you are full for the race. A bagel or some toast are good options. If you find you are cutting it close, find a gel pack to absorb for some pre-race energy. No coffee or tea, which are diuretics and will increase the number of stops you need to make.
  5. Load your vehicle. Prepare your favorite beverage to keep you hydrated during the race, and have plenty of gel packs with you. One for about every half hour of race time should get you through the day.
  6. Do a final check. How does the chain look? Are the tires filled? Is the seat adjusted? Are the brakes working well? Going through all of the details before you are halfway through the course will save you the headache of a surprise malfunction, and possible injury.

Riders will be here this weekend and over the next week, making it a perfect time for anyone interested in bicycling to head up to the lake and visit. Stay with us and be centrally located for all of the events, and especially the after events! Now if you will excuse us, we have a spaghetti dinner to eat and a bed that is call our name.


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