Yes, Big Bear, There is an App for That

Big Bear Lake is chock full of activities for everyone, young and old, from the very adventurous to the “golf is exciting to me” crowd. Both Google Plus and the iTunes App Store both boast over one million apps, and we know amongst all of the Candy Crushes, Instagrams, and Snapchats there are a few must haves for your mobile device for your stay here. We have been pouring over some of them, and found a handful we thought were great enhancements for a stay in the mountains. We went with a free version as often as we could, but some apps do have a small price.

Project Noah

Grey Fox image
There are apps that can tell you what this cute creature is.

Project Noah is a way to turn nature into an adventure. While you are at Big Bear (or anywhere in nature for that matter), take pictures of the local wildlife, plants, or anything natural that catches your eye. You can create your own missions for documenting nature, or go on the ones they have created. As you are documenting the world around you, you are also helping scientists learn about local flora and fauna in the area and how it is doing. It is a free app for iPhone and Android.

Audubon Guides

Green Mountain Digital’s mission “is to inspire and enable a love for the outdoors.” With this suite of guide apps, each app targeting specific animals, you and your family should be able to identify everything that walks, swims, or flies. The apps range in price from $2.99 to $9.99. The apps are offered on iPhone and Android, but you need to check the website to see which apps are offered for each platform.

Map My Hike

Hiking Boots
Need to find the right trail for your journey? Apps for that as well.

Part of the MapMyFitness empire, MapMyHike has some of the same great nutritional and exercise measurement as their other offerings. Hikers can enjoy searching for trails in any location and for any length they are looking to hike. If they discover (or create) a trail they enjoy, they can also add it to the local list of hiking trails. You can get most of what you need on this one for free on either Android or iPhone.


This app allows you to set up your own tip in advance, either with the help of people who have followed the trail before you or your own knowledge of where you want to go. You can add tips on sites to see while you are hiking or places to stop and visit on the trail. There is an opportunity to rate established trails to help future hikers with their own plans. You can use the free version, or add the ability to track and update your tip in real time and search for other trails with the paid version. It is available for iPhone and Android.


Every angler wants to know the best times and places to go fishing in their area. This app takes data from weather reports, solunar activity, and real time comments and bundles it up so you know when and where the best places to fish are. It even offers tips on how to catch the bass or trout that is going to win you the next tournament. It is free, and available on iPhone or Android.

Golf GPS Rangefinder

Hitting the links while you are up here? This app has a lot of muscle in it for being free: maps, shot tracker, scorecard, GPS, the works for any foursome going out on the course. While you are unwinding at the nineteenth hole, you can review your game to see where it is working and where it can be improved. It is available for Android or iPhone.

American Red Cross First Aid

First Aid Kit and Guide
There is no app for actually having a kit, but there is one to help you use it.

From common first aid needs to emergency situations, this app offers a variety of videos and graphics to help with many injuries you could suffer. It will even list other possible ailments under the treatment for easy access if the situation changes. You can also locate a hospital nearby if that is what the situation calls for.  It is a free app, and is available on Android or iPhone.


Nature is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Smart hikers and bikers are prepared for emergencies, and GoToAid has the information you need if one happens. There are educational videos and illustrations for various scenarios and In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact lists as part of the app. There is a free Lite version, but to get all the bells and whistles, you need to pay $4.99. It has two amazing extras that make it worth it. First is the first aid for dogs and cats, which is a big bonus in this pet-friendly area. The second is advice on what to do in natural disasters, which is useful for Southern California. It is available on iPhone or Android.

We chose a small selection of apps, and we know we did not hit them all. Which ones do you find useful? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. Even better, come up and visit us for a few nights and show us the ones you use! Our staff is always interested in the latest and greatest apps and tech to share. You can even use your phone as an actual phone to call 800-457-6401 for the reservation. Wouldn’t that be quaint?

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