Big Bear Lake Brewing Company is Opening the Taps!

Big Bear Lake Brewing Company Logo
Welcome to the neighborhood Big Bear Lake Brewing Co.!

The news and numbers in the craft beer industry just keep growing and growing. According to the Brewers’ Association, the craft brewing industry is doing nothing but expanding. Every statistic you can find for the industry has gone up over 2012: 484 million gallons of craft beer was sold (up from 409 million gallons in 2012), counting for 18% of all beer sold in the U.S. (up from 15% in 2012). There were 2,822 breweries in 2013, the highest that number has been since the 1870’s. Big Bear has not been immune to this growth, hosting the Bear Mountain Brewery since 1996. That is going to change this weekend, when Big Bear Lake Brewing Company opens its doors to the community.

Tapping In

Beer Vats
Will that be enough for the weekend?

David Stone, who most of us know as the owner of the newly revamped The Cave and other lodges in the area, purchased the brewing equipment from a local brewery that went out of business. He also hired expert, award winning brewmaster Ron VandenBroeke to create the beers that will be enjoyed by the thirsty visitors and local residents of Big Bear Lake. They are preparing an initial offering of six beers they will have year round, as well as a rotating seasonal tap.

A Restaurant for the People

Mr. Stone has all the bases covered for this new enterprise. This is not just going to be a place for those looking to grab a honey blonde ale or Indian pale ale. There will be a full menu of great food, a selection of delicious spirits, and wines from local vineyards. They will be offering a lunch and dinner menu through the week, and add some brunch on the weekends. It is kid friendly and pet friendly, as well as offering great views of the lake or perfect views of the television for your favorite sport. And if you have a little too much fun while you are at the bar, there will be a complimentary shuttle service to get you back to Big Bear Frontier! This new brewery, located in The Village, adds another craft beer option for your stay. Our brave manager Ryan went to it and had great things to say: “The interior is that of a posh Los Angeles boutique. The staff are great servers and very professional.” He was clearly impressed by the brief look he had, and thinks you will be as well. We still have rooms available (check out our Instagram page as we start to look at the new décor!), but as it gets closer to summer, that will not last long. You better plan your vacation now! There is some brick oven pizza and craft beer calling your name.

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