Earth Day 2014!

Big Bear Valley
A gorgeous view of the Big Bear Valley from Butler’s Peak

We are surrounded by amazing natural wonders at Big Bear Lake. Trails with stunning views of the mountains and lakes, a lake filled with trout and bass, and an altitude that allows us to experience all four seasons. The Pacific Crest Trail runs through our neck of the woods, and this whole area is nestled neatly in the San Bernadino National Forest. Escaping to nature is why so many people come up to Big Bear, which makes us want to keep this area as pristine as we can. This Tuesday is Earth Day, but this weekend there are going to be some celebrations you don’t want to miss!

Get WET on Earth Day!

Big Bear Discovery Center Sign
Welcome to Big Bear Discovery Center!

There is going to be a big celebration at the Big Bear Discover Center for Earth Day on Saturday, April 19th, courtesy of Project WET! They are committed to teaching people about the value of water though educational materials, workshops, and other festivals around the country. For those that participate in the day’s activities there will be free t-shirts and other goodies. Project WET will be joined by other local businesses like the Sierra Club of Big Bear, Bear Valley Electric Service, and the City of Big Bear Lake DWP. It is a fun way to teach the children about how to protect the water resources of the area. While you are at the Discovery Center, you can check out the Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve and all of the wildflowers that grow there, or sit down for Story Time!

Around the Mountain

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo has been a fixture around here for over fifty years, and will be getting a new home soon. Now is the time to visit all of the animals we have rescued while learning about how and where they live. There are animal presentations daily at noon, and plenty of chances to see and interact with the animals. You can also start snapping some photos for the Photography Contest going on until July 30th. The winners will be in their 2015 calendar, and it is a way to support their conservation efforts. If you are as excited as we are about the new Skyline Trail, you can help get it ready on any one of the 2014 work days. It will be dirty work, but helping to pack down and smooth out the rough cuts will help future travelers enjoy the trail.

Nature Provides

Black Bear fishing
This bear is REALLY good at fishing.

What else do we enjoy about nature here? Well, the Big Bear Farmer’s Market appears every Tuesday from now through October, providing fresh produce and herbs for all of your cooking needs. There is something relaxing about a good day of fishing on the lake, and you can either hide away in one of the many great spots to drop a line on Big Bear Lake, or compete in one of the many tournaments we have during the summer. We love to get out into nature, whether it is biking, hiking, boating, or any of the other great activities the lake and surrounding areas provides.

Come and stay with us while you enjoy nature! We have some cabins right on the lake for you to enjoy, and many of the rest have great views of the area. This weekend is chock full of not only events for the outdoorsman, but there are some Easter thrills and the first ever Snow Summit Summer Kick-off Party. There is so much celebrating to do this weekend, we are going to need some help. Are you up for it?


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