Trailblazing – What to do at Big Bear Lake

big bear lake sunset
The sun will soon be setting on summer, come up and enjoy the lake!

There are only two weeks left until the unofficial last weekend of summer, Labor Day! We would like to thank all of you for visiting Big Bear Lake and keeping us hopping all summer long, but we are not quite finished yet. There is still plenty of activity here, whether you plan on going to Swim Beach to play in the lake, hitting the links to get in eighteen holes at 7,000 feet, or want to fly across the valley in a helicopter tour. The planners around Big Bear have blazed a few new trails and hunted down a few more crazy knights just before the end of the season. Come up and visit us soon, while the weather is still beautiful.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Saturday, August 17 – High 83°, Low 53°
Sunday, August 18 – High 82°, Low 52°
Monday, August 19 – High  80°, Low 50°
Tuesday, August 20 – High 80°, Low 49°
Wednesday, August 21 – High 77°, Low 47°
Thursday, August 22– High 79°, Low 49°
Friday, August 23 – High 81°, Low 52°

What to Do in Big Bear Lake

Now showing…the Skyline Trail

This weekend marks a unique milestone in the Big Bear Lake area. For the first time in decades, on August 17, the sun will rise on a new trail! The Skyline Trail opens this weekend, running along the ridges near Snow Summit and currently a single track that runs 8.5 miles. It is still a rough cut, so August 18 will be the first Build Day over the next few months. You can learn how a trail is made while smoothing out all of the rough cutting the machines did to cut out the path. This path is still usable by all of our hikers and riders, but it will be a year before the trail is smooth and settled. It will take the help of many volunteers to make it great.

Get Out There…and Relax

There is so much working and playing to be done outdoors. On occasion, it is good to just go outside in the clean mountain air and breathe, relax, and let it all go. The Big Bear Yoga Festival, happening from August 23-35 at the YMCA’s Camp Oakes. Learn the physical and mental benefits of yoga while exploring music, meditation, and food to help you achieve balance. There is even a beginner’s track for those of you who are new to yoga.

Heading Back in Time

Big Bear has a certain appreciation for its history. You can learn more about this appreciation during some upcoming events. This weekend will be the last weekend of the Big Bear Renaissance Faire. If any of you knaves or ladies are looking to experience the past while enjoying jousting and singing, this is the last weekend to come up and try it! To celebrate 110 years of flight, the Big Bear Air Show will be showing off planes from years past, including the PT-17 Stearman, BT-13 Valiant, and many more. Classic cars will be on the ground next to the classic planes, but those planes will also show off what they can do in the air! You can also add to your collection of classic aviation wear from the vendors that will be on hand.

Will you be coming to explore the area soon? Make your reservations now so you have something to look forward to as summer turns to fall. Events like Oktoberfest and the International Film Festival will be here sooner than you would think. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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