A Bicycle, A Trail, and You – What to do at Big Bear Lake

Man on a mountain bike
Getting ready to hit the trails… wherever they will take us!

The Big Bear Lake region is filled with amazing activities. There is always something for you to do any time you come up and visit, no matter the season. The weather has been consistently warm this spring, and that is bringing out the beautiful side of nature we have not seen for a while. While there is some beautification going on in Big Bear Village, most of the stores are still open for you to enjoy. You can also head out to the mountains and spend some time hiking on the many trails or cover even more ground on a bicycle! The weather looks great this week for doing either!

Big Bear Lake Weather

Thursday, April 18– High 56°, Low 30°
Friday, April 19 – High 64°, Low 36°
Saturday, April 20 – High 68°, Low 39°
Sunday, April 21 – High 67°, Low 39°
Monday, April 22 – High 68°, Low 40°
Tuesday, April 23 – High 67°, Low 39°
Wednesday, April 24 – High 69°, Low 39°

From Boards to Bikes

It is not just Big Bear Village that is going through changes; as the season continues to transition, many of the shops you went to get your ski bindings tightened and your snowboards checked are switching to checking your brakes and making sure your tires are full. Here are some options around the area, depending on your needs:

Where to Rent a Bike Near Big Bear Lake?

  • Get Boards, located at 40905 Big Bear Blvd., offers bicycle rentals as well as skateboard accessories and gear.
  • Alpine Bike Rentals is seated next to the Alpine Pedal Path and is a newcomer to the area. It is a chance for you to help and support a new local business!
  • Massive Snowboards also offers bicycle rentals during the spring and summer months. You can drive over to 39291 Big Bear Blvd., or use that as part of your warm up and walk over!

Shops – Own a Bike!

  • Bear Valley Bikes, located at 40298 Big Bear Blvd., is there for your purchasing, repair, or rental needs all year round. They are much more active during spring and summer, though.
  • Chains Required located at the base of Snow Summit near Big Bear Blvd., also offers sales of bikes, equipment and supplies. You can rent bikes there as well.

You can come up and explore at your leisure, or see what the Big Bear Cycling Association is up to while you are staying in the area. They have rides scheduled for all skill levels, so you can find the route and time that is right for you.

Ride like the Wind

Note that not all the Big Bear hiking trails are great for biking. There are a few really special trails that you should be on two wheels to explore. For a good day long ride on any sort of bike, the Big Bear Lake Circuit is perfect. There are good views of the lake and it is very flat. One of the popular trails for locals is the Grout Bay Trail. It is a spectacular ten mile ride with breathtaking views. It is also a well-marked trail, crisscrossing fire roads and other trails. The John Bull Loop Bike Trail is for those who want amazing pictures and a great work out. It is an almost fifteen mile trail with a wide variety of terrains and gorgeous views for the intermediate skill level rider, as it can be challenging to navigate when it gets steep and sandy. When you are riding on any of the trails in Big Bear, make sure you are keeping an eye out for hikers and runners, and give them the right of way.

Whether you’re exploring the Big Bear region on two legs or on two wheels, there are many great trails and beautiful scenarios to be explored by those who are looking to get away from the lake for a little while. Now is a perfect time to come up, while the area is a little quieter and many businesses are still getting their late spring and summer activities ready. Reserve your room now, and we will see you out on the trails around Big Bear Lake!


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