Eating Fresh and Feeling Good – What to do at Big Bear Lake

Photo courtesy of peyri via Flickr
What could you make in your kitchen with all that fresh produce?

Warm weather, beautiful skies, and a glistening lake…Big Bear is ready for all of our warm weather sports and event enthusiasts to come up to the mountains. Many of the Big Bear Lake summer attractions and events  will open around Memorial Day weekend with the first burst of summer tourists. One thing happening right now through the fall that everyone loves is the Big Bear Farmers’ Market! The market is open every Tuesday from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the Big Bear Lake Convention Center and it’s filled with fresh produce and products from local growers and businesses. Shopping at a local farmers’ market is beneficial for many reasons, and this coming Tuesday looks like it will be a gorgeous market day.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Saturday, April 27 – High 71°, Low 41°
Sunday, April 28 – High 74°, Low 43°
Monday, April 29 – High 74°, Low 41°
Tuesday, April 30 – High 72°, Low 41°
Wednesday, May 1 – High 73°, Low 42°
Thursday, May 2– High 74°, Low 42°
Friday, May 3 – High 72°, Low 42°

Shopping at Big Bear Farmers’ Market – Benefits

  1. Spending locally keeps more money in the community. Only twenty cents of every dollar goes to farmers when you buy your produce from a grocery story. Local farmers do not have many of the expenses that big business farmers have, so they can keep a higher portion of their money when you buy direct.
  2. Local farmer’s food is safer. Many farmers’ market participants are also certified organic farmers, making their produce safer to consume. Look for the certification if you’re searching for organic. Food sourced from far away ecosystems can bring diseases or insects with it that could have harmful effects on the local ecosystem
  3. Variation in your diet. Food from a farmers’ market is fresh and seasonal and often offers greater variety. You can get some great, fresh produce in season and smaller farms may also try fruits and vegetables that do not have as much commercial appeal. This gives you an opportunity to add some new flavors to your kitchen table!
  4. It tastes better! Locally grown produce tastes better for several reasons. It is always going to be fresher, since will not be shipped long distances. Those few days of transit, and how they have to be packed for transit, can affect how fruits and vegetables taste. Farmers can also allow the fruit to stay on with the plant longer, making sure it is not picked until it is at its peak of freshness. The freshness also comes through in the flavor.
  5. It helps the environment. There are many reasons the environment is better for local farming. The produce is not transported as far, so it saves on fuel being burned and carbon going into the atmosphere. And with fewer chemicals and pesticides being used, fewer of those toxins make it into the earth. Smaller farms will also grow different crops, making sure that the minerals in the soil do not get depleted.

Here in Big Bear, each Tuesday morning, we know if we get up nice and early we are going to have fresh fruits, breads, nuts, and other products for our meals all week long. The market also features unique, locally made products. Our friends over at the High Desert Farmer’s Market even have a few recipes for you to explore next time you are there. Reserve a comfortable room with us, and spend a few extra days in the mountains to pick up some fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Your body will appreciate it.



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