A Snow Sport for Everyone – What to do at Big Bear Lake

Snowshoes on the mountain
Something now to try this year…snowshoeing through the mountains!

The snow and the cold are here to stay! Big Bear Lake is dressed in all white, and we have fully embraced the winter weather. Good thing too, because January is “Learn a Snow Sport” month. Most of us are familiar with skiing and snowboarding, but there are other ways to get out and enjoy the winter weather. For example, have you tried snowshoes? Before you decide that shopping or bowling is where you are going to spend your mountain vacation, take a look at some of the other options that are available.  We have just the list of Big Bear winter activities for you. It is a great thing the weather is helping us out:

Big Bear Lake Weather

Tuesday, January 15 – High 37°, Low 17°
Wednesday, January 16– High 48°, Low 20°
Thursday, January 17 – High 50°, Low 21°
Friday, January 18 – High 52°, Low 21°
Saturday, January 19 – High 51°, Low 21°
Sunday, January 20 – High 52°, Low 22°
Monday, January 21 – High 52°, Low 25°
Tuesday, January 22 – High 53°, Low 26°

Flatland – Snowshoeing

Speed might not be what you are looking for in your outdoor adventure. A nice long walk in crisp alpine air may be more of your taste. Snow shoeing could be the activity you are seeking. It is a great low impact, high cardio work out that burns huge amounts of calories, more than cross country skiing, walking, or running at the same pace. You can move at your own speed and enjoy the scenery as you work out. If you are an extreme athlete or a sportsperson who just likes a challenge, there is the “Conquer the Bear” series that begins on February 23 with Snowshoe the Bear. Otherwise, you can join the Mountaintop Hiking Club on January 27 for a nice hike along the southern ridge of Big Bear.

Totally Tubular – Snow Tubing

Snow fun for the whole family can be had at Big Bear Snow Play, where they offer tubing. Much like tubing in a water park, you have a chance to ride over the well groomed and packed snow on an inflated inner tube, laying in it or sitting on it.   They will gladly make snow when the temperatures are cold enough and Mother Nature is being stingy with the good stuff. You can hold a few tubes together and all go down at the same time, and have an uphill lift carry you back to the top. As the day ends and you are ready to warm up, the base lodge is there waiting for you with coffee, cocoa, and some snacks.

Finding the Edges – Snow Skating

There are going to be a few brave souls that have gone beyond all of this and are looking for a new thrill. For them, we offer the snow deck, also called a snow skate. It is a skateboard with a ski attached to the bottom of it, created during the 1970’s and starting to regain some popularity. There is no boot on it, so your feet are freer on the board. Snow Summit has a few lifts (chairs 1, 2, 4, and 8) that can accommodate the snow deck, but since this snow skate is not attached in any way it requires a leash.  You can rent one at the Ski Haus before you buy, and experience something a little different on the slopes.

Winter being in full swing also means that our cabins and hotel rooms are in high demand. Make your reservations early and be sure to get the room you want on the weekend that you want it. The cold weather will keep all of this snow cold for you, and the fine people at Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, and Big Bear Snow Play will make sure that there is plenty of snow for you on the ground to enjoy whatever outdoor activities you love. We will see you on the slopes!


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