Skiing in a Different Light – What to do at Big Bear Lake

view of the moon at big bear mountain
Have you explored Big Bear after the sun has gone down?

The days are filled with activity here in Big Bear Lake.  Did you know we have a bustling night life as well? The Village becomes a little busier, with people out enjoying the restaurants and shops after a long day playing in the crisp alpine air. We love the night time activities up here as much as we like the daytime ones, so today we will be pulling out the flash lights, putting on an extra layer of clothing, and seeing what happens around Big Bear when the sun slips behind the mountains. We know one thing that happens; the weather gets a little colder.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Tuesday, January 22 – High 58°, Low 20°
Wednesday, January 23– High 56°, Low 26°
Thursday, January 24 – High 54°, Low 22°
Friday, January 25 – High 54°, Low 22°
Saturday, January 26 – High 50°, Low 21°
Sunday, January 27 – High 46°, Low 14°
Monday, January 28 – High 43°, Low 16°
Tuesday, January 29 – High 43°, Low 16°

Night Moves in Big Bear

Everything looks a little different when the sun goes down around here. The stars come out, the lights go on, and skiers and snowboarders get ready for Snow Summit’s Summit Nights. Everyone else may be done for the day, but for those that want to stay on the slopes there is plenty of skiing and snowboarding left to do. The night will start off with freshly groomed slopes for you and continue long after the sun has gone down. There are a few runs open for snow enthusiasts of all skill levels, including a good variety of jumps and other modifications. Even better, there are typically fewer people on the slopes, offering you more room to practice new tricks or learn to ski.

If you’ve never skied at night before, here are a few dos and don’ts:

  • DO check out the temperatures for the night and dress appropriately, as it’s usually colder at night. We post the weather forecast here every week to help you prepare.
  • DO NOT wander off into the dark or poorly lit zones. They are harder to see in, making you more likely to get hurt in an accident. Stick to the well-lit trails.
  • DO bring a friend. Make sure someone is with you while you are out on the slopes at night, especially while there are fewer people around. The moon and stars will be out, so it may be even better to bring a special someone!
  • DO NOT drink alcohol and ski. This is not something you should do during the day, but especially not at night, when visibility is lower and the air is colder. Stick to hot chocolate and water.
  • DO follow the Skier Responsibility Code.
  • DO check your car out thoroughly before making the trip. Check your battery, fuel, chains if they are needed, anything to make sure your car is in top form. Colder weather can mean icier roads and lower visibility. Take care getting to the mountains safely!

Dancing in the Dark

After your day on the mountain, it is time to relax with friends and experience the night life that Big Bear Lake has to offer. Here are just a few locations with weekly events for people to enjoy:

  • Nottinghams Tavern – Live music every Friday and Saturday night, with other specials through the week.
  • Chad’s Place – Live bands on Friday and Saturday night, with an Open Mic on Thursday nights and Country Line Dancing on Tuesdays.
  • Mill Creek Cattle Company/Diamond Lil’s Saloon – You can join singer Gwendolyn Daniels for a Dinner Show every Friday and Saturday night, where you will hear a wide musical range. Stay after dinner for a little Karaoke as well!
  • B’s Boathouse – For the karaoke enthusiast, come in Fridays and Sundays for Beyond Karaoke! Saturday night offers live music, and the views are beautiful. Any night during the week check out their Happy Hour specials.
  • Murrays Saloon –Start the weekend off on Thursday with their Thrifty Thursday specials, and then get your vocal cords ready for karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 8:30 pm.
  • Skeleton Key Folk Music Center – Enjoy live acoustic music starting at 7:30 on Friday night and live electric music at 7:30 on Saturday night.
  • Club Bombay – Jazz and blues are the order of the day at this club, offering martini specials throughout the weekend. Kenny Marquez from the band Renegade usually headlines Saturday night starting at 8 PM.

The night is a great time to come out and see a different side of Big Bear Lake, from getting into the local music scene (or adding to it!) to seeing the slopes in a new light. When you have had your fill of skiing, dancing, singing, and merry making, we have a warm and comfortable place waiting for you to come to here at Big Bear Frontier. We’re looking forward to having you!


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