Here comes Halloween! – What To Do At Big Bear Lake

Jack o' lanterns
They are waiting for you…up here in the mountains…

Big Bear Frontier is nestled up in the mountains, away from the stresses of work and far from the bright city lights, and some interesting events are taking place this week. There has been an odd mist covering the lake at night, and people talking about a ship they think they see sailing on it. You can see creatures in the woods that stare at you with their glowing eyes, but scamper off the moment a flashlight is brought out. We have even heard strange noises coming out of the Big Bear Oktoberfest area, which is not new really, but lately we’ve seen some strangely dressed people there.  It’s time for Halloween in Big Bear and if you’ve never visited this time of year you are in for a treat!

But if you don’t believe us, we invite you to come up and see all of this for yourself! Make sure you bring some friends. Here is what we know so far:

Big Bear Lake Weather

Monday, October 22 – High 57°, Low 30°
Tuesday, October 23 – High 55°, Low 28°
Wednesday, October 24 – High 57°, Low 29°
Thursday, October 25 – High 58°, Low 30°
Friday, October 26 – High 61°, Low 30°
Saturday, October 27 – High 64°, Low 33°
Sunday, October 28 – High 65°, Low 35°

Halloween in Big Bear Lake

Deathly Voyages

Over the dark and choppy water of Big Bear Lake a haunting vision of a long forgotten ship can still be seen once a year. The Miss Liberty will be taken over this Friday and turned into the Voyage of the Damned! Adults and children are welcome to take this journey over the chilly waters, braving the dangers of the lake for a good time. Prizes will be awarded, food will be offered, and the cruise will start around 6 PM. But…will it return?!

Eerie Animals

They are powerful nighttime predators, things of legend in many cultures. Some cultures feel they are creatures of ill omen, casting fear wherever they go. Others think they bring luck and cures for disease. They are linked to vampires, and more importantly, to Halloween! Bats live in most climates around the world, and on October 26th at the Big Bear Discovery Center, you can dispelled some myths and learn more facts about these little flying mammals from biologist Drew Farr. The event starts at 7 PM, and there will be bat cookies and awards for costumes!

Village of the Candied

On Halloween Day, at 4:30 PM, families are encouraged to come out to the Village where they’ll witness the transformation of a vibrant mountain escape to a terrifying place filled with tiny, voracious creatures! More than fifty of the shops will be offering treats to all of the trick or treaters at Big Bear Lake, as well as some tricks to keep everyone on their toes. It is a safe and fun place to bring the kids!

Come up and join the fun! There are also Halloween events at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo and we keep hearing strange noises over at the Mill Creek Cattle Co. as well. No worries though! Our cabins and hotel rooms are the perfect place to settle in after your night of fright.


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