Welcome to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo – What to do in Big Bear Lake

Owl at Big Bear Alpine Zoo
I told you…three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Animals sometimes become orphaned. They could be injured in the wild or removed from pet owners who cannot care for them. Many of these animals would not survive well in the wild, having never been on their own. When that happens they end up at rescue zoos throughout the country, one like our own Big Bear Alpine Zoo. Our zoo opened in 1960 and has become part of the San Bernardino County Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District. The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is now home to over 150 birds and 85 other species of animals. This zoo is also special because it is the only one in the U.S. committed to alpine species. It is a fantastic place to take the family and spend the day!

If you plan to visit our zoo this week, here’s what the weather has in store.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Monday, October 8 – High 52°, Low 37°
Tuesday, October 9 – High 60°, Low 44°
Wednesday, October 10 – High 61°, Low 35°
Thursday, October 11 – High 58°, Low 38°
Friday, October 12 – High 55°, Low 33°
Saturday, October 13 – High 55°, Low 43°
Sunday, October 14 – High 67°, Low 47°

This Week at Big Bear Lake

Who would you like to see at the Big Bear Zoo?

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo has many unique and interesting residents. They come from all over, and each of them have an exciting story. You can learn more about the residents of the zoo during their Animal Presentations, starting at noon every day! You might meet a raccoon, owl, kestrel, or any other of the animals that have been rescued. Every day is someone new and different, so come often.

Wolf Awareness Day

What do you REALLY know about wolves? Are they vicious, hungry pack animals looking for their next meal or more gentle creatures filling their place in the world? Starting at 11 AM on October 20th, the zoo celebrates Wolf Awareness Day, dispelling myths about wolves as well as telling stories and offering fun activities for the kids. If you become a Friend of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, admission is free!

Trick or Treat at the Zoo!

What better place to go trick or treating than a zoo? On October 27th, bring the children in their costumes and dress yourself up as well! There will be prizes for different costume categories. Not only will you be able to visit The Pumpkin Patch, Scarecrow Land, and many other places in the zoo, the kids will also be able to see all of the animals get their holiday treats! It will be a frightfully good time for the whole family.

October is a great month to come out and celebrate nature, not only at the zoo but at the Big Bear Discovery Center as well. They have their own schedule of events for the family this month, including nature walks and the Feast of the Harvest Moon!

After all that outdoor activity, wind down in your warm, comfortable room at Big Bear Frontier. We’re very close to the excitement but far enough to relax and enjoy the lake. Bundle up for the Night Safaris, and we will see you all soon.


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