What to do in Big Bear Lake | August 20 – August 26, 2012

Man riding a classic wooden boat
More classic vehicles coming to Big Bear Lake…this time cruising the water!

Where did the summer go? We are just about two weeks from Labor Day, the “end” of the summer season. Fortunately, here at Big Bear Lake, we look forward to fall just as much as any other season. There are other ways we know it is coming closer to the end of summer; Big Bear Adventure Weekend is this weekend, the buzz is growing for the Big Bear International Film Festival, and the offerings at the farmer’s markets are changing to more autumnal fare. There are, of course, a few other outstanding events that mark the coming of the end of the season.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Monday, August 20- High 80°, Low 54°
Tuesday, August 21- High 78°, Low 52°
Wednesday, August 22- High 74°, Low 48°
Thursday, August 23- High 73°, Low 48°
Friday, August 24- High 74°, Low 48°
Saturday, August 25- High 76°, Low 50°
Sunday, August 26- High 78°, Low 52°

This Week at Big Bear Lake

X marks the spot

Those familiar with the Robert Louis Stevenson classic “Treasure Island” should come out this weekend for a little different presentation of this classic play. It is being shown by the Big Bear Theater Project, collaborating with the San Bernadino National Forest Association’s Campfire Series. This is a family friendly, comedic interpretation, complemented with audience participation, packed with action, and includes a man in a dress! There will be two shows this weekend and one show next weekend.

Classic Boats on Big Bear Lake

All that playing on the water last week was fun, and this week Big Bear Lake is going to showcase some classic, wooden boats! Head over to Pine Knot Landing for the annual Antique Wooden Boat Show this Friday and Saturday to see some hand crafted boats docked in various areas and enjoying being on the water. Chris Craft wooden boats, the last commercial one being made in 1971, will be on display, racing and taking over the lake this weekend. We have a great little place with a wonderful view of the festivities.

Free fishing!

Twice a year, the Department of Fish and Game offer Free Fishing Days! If you have always wanted to try fishing, but did not want to buy a license to do so, this is your chance to explore our lakes and rivers, rod and reel in hand. You can go out on the lake and fish, or even find a quiet place on the shore to try your luck. Try a few places during the day! *Hint: check our 7 Best Places to Fish in Big Bear article for the inside scoop.

If you’re planning a visit over Labor Day, consider making those reservations now. The three day weekend is just around the corner, as well as all the festivities that come with the official end of summer. Have a great week, and we will see you soon up in the mountains!


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