What to do in Big Bear Lake | July 16 – July 22, 2012

Old Miners and New Conquests

People race in these. On baseball diamonds. Really.

Big Bear Lake has a little something for everyone, young and old, people seeking an adventure or just coming to relax, for outdoor and indoor activities. We look forward to each and every season, since each season offers new ways to have fun and try new things in the mountains or in the Village. Right now we really love the fishing, golfing, and watery fun that the lake and surrounding area has to offer. This week we look at challenging Big Bear…and exploring the area’s past.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Monday, July 16- High 72°, Low 42°
Tuesday, July 17- High 70°, Low 42°
Wednesday, July 18- High 72°, Low 48°
Thursday, July 19- High 77°, Low 52°
Friday, July 20- High 78°, Low 52°
Saturday, July 21- High 80°, Low 54°
Sunday, July 22- High 79°, Low 54°

This Week at Big Bear Lake

Cyclists – get out and ride

Are you getting ready for some big rides around Big Bear Lake? August 4th will be a bicycle rider’s day, with two big events rolled into one!  A revamped Tour de Big Bear will be going on that day, with rides of twenty five, fifty, seventy, and one hundred miles available for all riders. Spots are going quickly, so make sure you sign up soon.

Part of the tour will be the Open Air Big Bear Classic, the third component in the Conquer the Bear series of events. There will be two designated courses for the challenge, one of twenty four miles (for the Cub challenge) and one of forty one miles (for the Bear and Grizzly challenge). This is the third in the series of four adventures to expose you to all the area has to offer.

Old Miners Days keeps on playing

The Old Miners are at it again, keeping the summer party going at Big Bear Lake! The Old Miners’ Bluegrass and Country Music Festival is kicking off this Friday and continuing through the weekend. You can see Riders of the Purple Sage, The Wimberley Bluegrass Band, and more acts will be playing all weekend long.

The festival provides more than great bluegrass music in Big Bear – on Saturday you can treat yourself so a few other events that have become staples of the Old Miners Days Festival. Starting at 9 AM you can see the Burro Softball Tournament, and after the games you can witness the grand spectacle of Outhouse Races! A little bit later in the day, you are will want to bring your lawn chair and sunscreen for the 2012 Big Bear Heritage Parade!

With all of the events happening this weekend in Big Bear Lake, you will need to take some breaks. Our cabins are within walking distance to Big Bear Village, so you can come back and relax, take in the scenery, and prepare for your next big adventure.

We hope you all have a wonderful week, and we will see you soon!


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