Big Bear Ski Slopes are Open!

Silver Lining over Bear Mountain Ski Area
Photo courtesy of Miheco on Flickr

Big Bear Lake residents are really excited about how early the slopes are open this year!   November 9th was the magic “Opening Day” so you will want to check in on Bear Mountain to share in the first snowfall of the season and the buzz of getting to open so early in the season!

Forecast for Big Bear Lake, California is a mix of rain and snow this Saturday.  It is definitely time to get your gear out and get ready for what looks like an excellent skiing and snowboarding season.

History of Skiing in Big Bear

Skiing history
Photo courtesy of Ski Library

Thinking about our Big Bear winter sports has me thinking about the history of skiing in the region and about the kind of skiing our slopes have to offer.

If you’re looking for a book to enjoy during your downtime at the ski lodge and want to learn about the history of skiing in our area, check out Skiing in Southern California (Paperback 2007). 

Here’s a review from SkiLibrary.Com:

Known for its sunshine and sandy beaches filled with bathing beauties and musclemen, Southern California is a Mediterranean-climate haven for winter-weary Americans from Michigan to Maine. But for those with a hankering for winter sports, one could scarcely ignore the snow-capped peaks of Mount Baldy and San Gorgonio shimmering in the bright California sunshine. By the 1930s, skiing was all the rage, with the towns of Big Pines, Lake Arrowhead, and Big Bear Lake evolving into popular snow-sport locales. Southern California was also home to many who made their mark in the world of American skiing…

Read more at SkiLibrary.Com

Skiing Styles on the Slopes in Big Bear

Big Bear slopes are mostly freestyle skiing. Freeskiing is a non-olympic variety of skiing which combines skiing with street skateboarding, bmx, and inline skating techniques. Freestyle skiing includes: aerials and moguls, skicross, half pipe and slope style. If you want to brush up on your skiing and snowboarding styles, check out this skiing style article  for a quick overview.

We want you to have a fun and safe visit to Big Bear, so remember that it is always a wise decision to take time to learn the terrain and the uniqueness of the slope that you are on so that you can enjoy the sport without danger.  Visit our slope websites, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain for all the details .

Happy and safe skiing too all our guests! What’s your favorite style of skiing?


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