A Virtual Tour of the Big Bear Historical Museum

As Big Bear Frontier’s Reservation Specialist I spend much of my time looking after our beautiful resort, but once in awhile I manage to get out and visit some of the great attractions we have in Big Bear. It has been at least 12 years since I visited the Historical Museum and much has changed. So with my camera in hand I ventured in to see what was new.

When I first arrived at the museum I was a bit overwhelmed at all the exhibits. This was their opening day for the season and I could easily have spent the entire day just catching photographs of the museum and all of its offerings.

The museum features live blacksmiths on site with guest participation. They have items from the old west/gold mining days in Big Bear and the surrounding areas, including a period cabin set up just as it would have been in those gold rush days. Several of the people at the museum were very insightful, offering a great depth of knowledge of the artifacts as well as the time periods from which they came.

My guide Beth greeted me when I first arrived and was very gracious and informative. She helped point out the best places to start my photo journey of the museum. Thanks Beth!

I hope you enjoy your virtual tour. If you have knowledge of these objects or if you know any interesting stories that go with them feel free to comment!

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