5 Pine Cone Craft Ideas at Big Bear

You’re trying to enjoy the scenery at Big Bear Lake as spring approaches and your little one is interrupting your Big Bear state of mind.

Your Big Bear stay will be calm and zen while you and your family celebrate National Craft Month at Big Bear. Don’t worry, though. We’re not expecting you to pack your glue gun and a bunch of crafts while you’re on vacation.

Luckily for you, Big Bear provides the main craft item: All natural pine cones straight from Big Bear trees.

Now let’s show you how those pine cones can keep your kids occupied with 5 pine cone craft ideas at Big Bear.

5 pine cone craft ideas
We have 5 pine cone craft ideas for you at Big Bear.

Make a Pine Cone Birdfeeder

Grab some pine cones during a nature walk around Big Bear Lake and use food items you probably already have on hand for a winter picnic at Big Bear. Slather the pine cones with peanut butter and let the kids sneak large amounts of it while you’re enjoying the scenery. Now lunch is served too. Next you will roll the peanut butter-covered pine cones in birdseed, tie a ribbon or string to the top of it and hang it on a Big Bear tree. Now you can watch the birds flock to your child’s creation and enjoy the scene and the memory with your family.

Say Goodbye to Winter with Snowy Pine Cones

Winter’s not over just yet. Remember the end of winter at Big Bear by making snowy pine cones. Apply acrylic white paint to the tips of the pine cones and sprinkle silver glitter on the paint while it’s still wet. Allow them to dry and place them in a bowl or a vase.

pine cone crafts
Painting pine cones can be a fun craft activity for kids at Big Bear.

Make Pine Cone Garland for Your Home

We know it’s not Christmas but pine cone garland can be strung up year-round in your house to remind you of your trip to Big Bear Lake. Gather some pine cones and use some rope or ribbon to wrap the pine cones in the center, using a knife or car key to cram it into the nooks and crannies of the cone. Space the pine cones about 3.5-inches apart from base to base. When you get home, glue the rope in place to make sure it’s secure. Then add some ribbon to your garland. Place it around a bookshelf or even in the kitchen as a woodsy accent piece.

Yarn Pine Cones

Pine cones wrapped in colorful string or yarn can be made for spring or any holiday. Grab your leftover pine cones and some yarn or string and weave it into the pine cones. These colorful cones make great accent pieces in a bowl or on a desk. They can also be used as colorful gift toppers.

pine cone crafts
Grab some pine cones during a nature walk around Big Bear Lake and get crafty.

Make a Pine Cone Plant

Leftover pine cones can be taken home and made into awesome handmade decorations for any holiday. Place pine cones in miniature wooden flower pots found at any craft store. Paint the pots with acrylic craft paint in the color(s) of your choice that fits the holiday. You can paint the rim of the pot with paint course glitter and a small foam brush. The pine cone edges can be painted too.

pine cone crafts
The pine cones at Big Bear can keep kids busy.

Now that we’ve given you the tips you need to keep your kids occupied and enjoy nature with them, there’s nothing left to do except make sure you have a reservation for a warm, cozy cabin or luxury hotel room at Big Bear. Make your reservations today.

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