6 Tips for a Winter Picnic in the Snow

Spring and the opening of Big Bear Lake may be looming but there’s still an opportunity to give winter one big farewell sendoff with a fun winter picnic at Big Bear. We’ll teach you how to do it up right with your family with our 6 tips for a winter picnic in the snow.

winter picnic in the snow
There’s still an opportunity to give winter one big farewell sendoff with a fun winter picnic at Big Bear.

Pick the Perfect Picnic Spot

It’s cold out so you’re not going to want to sit on a blanket in the snow. You need to find the perfect picnic pavilion spot. Lucky for you Big Bear and the surrounding area has a lot of picnic pavilion options. Feel like making a fire to stay warm? Head to the Aspen Glen Picnic Area, which includes access to a fire ring, picnic tables and barbecues. Other Big Bear picnic areas include:

Be sure to double check the picnic spots before you go though. Some of them are closed certain times of the year for eagle habitat and nesting season.


Watch the Weather

You’re hopeful for light snow and enough of it on the ground to make it a true winter picnic. But don’t forget to watch the Big Bear weather both before and during your picnic. Gently falling snow makes for a fun day but it can easily turn to freezing rain or heavy snow. You’ll want to know the Big Bear weather beforehand so you know when it’s time to pack up the picnic or plan it for another day.


Dress for the Weather

Arm every family member from head to toe with heavy jackets, gloves hats and boots. And don’t forget the sunscreen. Even though everyone will be bundled up, the snow reflects the sun’s rays and faces can get sunburned.

winter picnic at Big Bear
Hot coffee, juice and warm apple cider are good drink options. for a winter picnic.

Pack Warm and Filling Foods

So what’s for lunch? We suggest entrees that can be kept warm in a thermos that will warm your family up after a morning of snow fun. Options include chili, soup, fresh bread and macaroni and cheese for the kiddos. Prepare and cook your food at home and keep it in air tight containers or wrapped in aluminum foil. Pack some homemade cookies and surprise the kids by letting them have one before lunch. You might want to bring along some granola bars or another snack depending on how long you’re going to play in the snow. Hot coffee, juice and warm apple cider are good drink options. If food is secondary to the experience because you want more time in the snow, PB&J sandwiches are always a tried and true standby.


Pack these Additional Items

Now that you have your picnic menu planned out, it’s time to add other items to the picnic basket. You’ll want to bring a camera, blankets to keep warm and make that hard bench more comfortable, wipes and napkins, disposable plates and utensils, a flashlight and a trash bag to clean up your picnic when it’s over. Plenty of tissues should also be on your list to wipe those chilly noses.

winter picnic
Give winter a fond farewell with a winter picnic at Big Bear.

Remember to Play in the Snow

Snow on the ground means you have plenty of options for you and your family. Pick teams, loosen up your arms and fire away at each other in a good old fashioned snowball fight. Build a snowman, get on the ground and make a snow angel or construct a snow fort. You can also always head to Big Bear Lake for some winter fishing or head to Snow Summit or Bear Mountain for some skiing and snowboarding.

Now there’s nothing left to do than to go out there and give winter a fond farewell. Not ready to leave after your picnic? You don’t have to head home. We’ll always have a warm, comfortable cabin or luxury hotel room ready for you at Big Bear. Make your reservation today.

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