Amy’s Action Aqua Flight

We recently sent our front desk manager, Amy on a little adventure. After an entire summer of discussing it and hearing how fun it was from our guests, it was time for her to do some flying.

Ready to fly?
Ready to fly?

In a helicopter? No. A zipline, maybe? Not that either. We believe in “Go Big or Go Home” here at Big Bear Frontier so it was time for Amy to do some Flyboarding at Action Aqua Flight.

What is Flyboarding? It’s an exciting new watersport that quite literally sends you flying. Think of a Jetsons-esque jet pack, but with streams of water suspending you in the air. You strap yourself into a backpack like harness that is connected to a personal watercraft, The outflow of the water from the jetski is what propels the water. Look down and see your feet connected to the boots that hold the actual water jets. (Or don’t look down, that may be a great idea, too!).

Our Amy had a really close look at the water. A really, really close look. We don’t want to confirm or deny, but rumor has it, a faceplant was part of her day! Always a good sport, she shook it off and continued on her adventure.


Adventure on the water!
Adventure on the water!

You don’t have too much time left this year to enjoy water activities, so let’s break it down and make it super easy for you to get to it.

  • You can call Action Aqua Flight at 909-366-0890
  • You can book your reservation here
  • You can stop stop by (they’re right down the street from us) 40754 Village Drive, Big Bear Lake Ca, 92315
  • You can have fun flying above the water…but only until October 15, that lake gets cold!

Where the "Action" is!

The Big Bear Lake area is beginning to transition into fall activities. We’ve already noticed changes to the gorgeous scenery, and many people are securing their weekend reservations for many upcoming events several weeks in advance. We’ll be here waiting for you to get every last second of fun out of the summer. Your reservations are waiting for you at 800-798-3960.



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