Board Basics…Like A Boss

Snowboarding basics
Everyone started somewhere!

It’s snow season! Bear Mountain has some runs open, and Snow Summit is getting ready to start spraying snow this week so more skiers and snowboarders can head out to the slopes.. Are you considering trying something a little different this year on the slopes? Or, are you about to succumb to the pressure of all your friends who tell you how much fun it is to rush down the slopes?

Thrashing through the snow…

Snowboarding is a fun sport, but not something you can just jump into and start carving into the snow. We have a few tips for you if you are going to explore the art of going down on one board instead of two:

  • Dress warmly! Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? You probably fell more than your fair share of times. Since you may be spending extra time in the snow, bundle up! We suggest you wear:
    • A few extra layers, like thermals and wool socks
    • A snow coat with a snug fit
    • Snow pants* or a snow bib
    • Snowboarding boots*
    • A helmet*
    • Goggles (they protect the eyes from glare and other little things that can get thrown at you)
    • Snow gloves
  • Leash it! Make sure you have a leash attached to your board, so if it does get away from you, it won’t be too much of a hike to find it.
  • Getting ready to snowboard
    A view from the top.

    Talk to the experts! Bear Mountain has a variety of packages for the beginning snowboarder. You are going to want to get a few lessons under your belt before you hit the slopes. Pointers from the experts will help you figure out your lead foot and help you get ready for your first ride.

  • Get to the top! Taking a ride on the lift is the first part of your adventure. Make sure your front foot is strapped in tight and you have a good handle on the leash to hold up the back half. Once you get to the top, you are going to want to make sure that both of your feet are securely strapped in. Sit down while you are doing this to make sure you get the straps as secure as possible.
  • Become friends with gravity! Point the lead end of your board toward the bottom of the hill; move your feet in the boot and enjoy the ride! The motion of your foot should be enough to get the board moving. After that, it is going to be up to your body to keep you upright and turning down the hill.
  • STOP! When you have made it safely to the bottom of the hill, turn the board so it goes across the slope of the mountain. That will give you the most surface to stop at a relatively rapid rate. Lean back, so if something goes wrong, you are falling backwards, not forwards on your face. And, make sure no one is behind you when you stop. A fall in the snow may hurt a little, but someone else crashing into you will be far more painful.

The asterisks (*) in the equipment list are items that our friends at Get Boards have to rent. Not only that, but if you are staying with us, you get a free lift ticket on your birthday when you rent your gear from there. Renting is a great way to go for the beginner, since it gives you a chance to try new equipment and see which is right for you.  The more snow that falls around Big Bear Lake, the faster our rooms fill up. Get your reservations made today, and get out on the slopes to try something new this winter!

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