Hiking 101 Part 2: Prepare Yourself for Adventure! – What to do at Big Bear Lake

Hiking books in the mountains
Ready for hiking! All they need is you.

The snow is melting and we’re seeing signs of spring! So it’s time to talk about hiking in Big Bear Lake in this second part of our two part series on the subject. Last week we discussed the equipment you’ll need for a successful hike in the mountains. Did you have a chance to purchase any of it yet? If not, no worries. You have all spring and summer to gather it all and get out on a few hikes. The Mountain Top Hiking Club has a monthly schedule of events  to plan your trips accordingly and the Twelve Trails of Big Bear, offers some great scenic views you can explore on your own. The weekend is looking really sunny and fairly warm, just right to go out for some short hikes around the lake or up in the mountains. But before you head out, let’s discuss how to hike safely in the mountains.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Wednesday, March 27 – High 56°, Low 29°
Thursday, March 28– High 58°, Low 30°
Friday, March 29 – High 62°, Low 33°
Saturday, March 30 – High 64°, Low 31°
Sunday, March 31 – High 63°, Low 26°
Monday, April 1 – High 53°, Low 24°
Tuesday, April 2 – High 53°, Low 25°

Preparing for Hiking in Big Bear Lake

You have all of your equipment. Now comes the planning for your hiking adventures. You are going to be away from civilization for a few hours, and you are putting your body through a good work out. There are some things to consider and to prepare for before you even put one foot out the door of your cabin.

  • Let people know where you are going. If you are not going with a large group, make sure someone knows where you will be. If there is any trouble, at least someone knows where to start a search.
  • Make sure you start with a short walk in a well-known area. You do not want to overestimate how far you can go in a day with a few pounds of provisions. Begin with something lighter, and work your way up to longer, more intense journeys.
  • Break in your shoes. The last thing you want half way through your hike is a blister. Wear your hiking shoes and socks a few hours a day for several days before the hike. It will help you get used to them.
  • Gather all of your hiking supplies. Make a list and then check it before you leave for the hike, don’t forget to take water to avoid dehydration and snacks to keep you full of energy.
  • Stretch out a little. Stretching before any exercise is a good idea, to warm the body up and help prevent injury. Treat the first ten minutes of your walk as part of your warm up as well. That being said…
  • Pace yourself. Make sure you are walking at a comfortable rate, but do not burn all of your energy at the beginning. It is tempting to try to go as far and as fast as you can right out of the gate, when your legs are fresh and your mind is clear. But you are going to need to save a little for that last mile, when your legs are tired and you have been in the sun for a few hours.
  • Keep your eyes open. There are many dangers while you are on a trail, both high and low. Stray branches, dips in the trail, other outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the day with you. If you need to do something, like take a picture or get out some water, stop and take care of it. Going forward without paying attention can lead to unnecessary injuries.

Big Bear Lake is a great place to come out and explore nature. Hiking is one of the best ways to go into the wilderness and experience the beauty around you. Taking care and making that experience enjoyable and injury-free requires some preparation.

Last but not least you need a comfortable place to stay while you’re visiting the mountains. Make your reservations to come and enjoy the region, 7000 feet up and miles away from the city. We look forward to hearing about all of the stories and seeing some of the pictures that you capture on the trail. We invite you to show us your hiking photos on our Facebook page too!


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