Bowling, Skating, and Karaoke…Oh My – What to do at Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Woodland Trail
It is very beautiful here in the mountains, but something is missing…

Where are the flurries? That is what we are all asking ourselves up here in the mountains. Bear Mountain is doing a great job keeping the snow they have in order so people can still come up and enjoy some time on the slopes. We are big fans of skiing and winter, but that is not all you can do around the Big Bear Lake. There are plenty of events for you and your family to enjoy during the early winter months.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Tuesday, December 4 – High 57°, Low 29°
Wednesday, December 5 – High 59°, Low 32°
Thursday, December 6 – High 56°, Low 27°
Friday, December 7 – High 55°, Low 25°
Saturday, December 8  – High 52°, Low 24°
Sunday, December 9 – High 47°, Low 21°
Monday, December 3 – High 49°, Low 22°

Natural Wonders and Attractions at Big Bear Lake

December brings colder temperatures and an entirely different view of nature to the area. You can bring the family to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo for their Animal Feeding Tours, which are offered on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as their daily Animal Presentations where they talk about interesting facts and show off one of the animals that live at the zoo. The Big Bear Discovery Center will also be offering Nature Walks every weekend throughout the winter. If you are here on December 15th, you can even learn how to recognize animal tracks in the wild!

Snow? Who needs snow? Alternative Activities

There are still great activities to do around the mountain, even without the snow. The Alpine Slide needs a little snow to run smoothly, but they offer miniature golf and go karts to enjoy while the weather is still warm. You can also head over to the Big Bear Funplex, which offers something fun for everyone. Lazer tag, bumper cars, bowling, a sports bar, and a list of other exciting activities long enough to take up the rest of this blog. Still have that desire to play on some frozen water? The Big Bear Ice Rink, located in The Village, has hour long skating sessions and black light skating starting when the sun sets. It is also just a brisk walk from our place by the lake!

We like the Nightlife too!

Now that the day is over, where do you go to relax with a meal, maybe some drinks with friends? Local favorite Murray’s Saloon and Eatery offers karaoke every night, with specials on the weekends before you head home. For special occasions or a more leisurely meal with a great atmosphere, the Peppercorn Grille is also well discussed among our guests as just the right place. The Nottingham’s Tavern offers an experience somewhere in between the previous restaurants; casual, with excellent food and entertainment. It is even somewhere you can bring your pet!

Do we love the snow when it comes? Yes, but we know when there is no snow, there is still plenty to enjoy here at Big Bear Lake. Ice skating, bowling, karaoke, and the natural beauty of the area provides a much needed escape from the city. Staying with us at Big Bear Frontier puts you right in the heart of it all, so make your reservations soon, especially with the holidays approaching. Enjoy your week!


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