What to do in Big Bear Lake | June 4 – June 10, 2012

Explore it all!

Fishing in Big Bear Lake California
Enjoy the fresh water of Big Bear Lake, California AND win $50K in the fishing tournament this weekend!

There is no shortage of things to do here in Big Bear, and no shortage of ways to experience them. You can go fishing this weekend for $50,000 among other prizes. Fishing not enough action for you? Run, jog, and walk along the Pacific Crest Trail as part of the Holcomb Valley Trail run. And if the ground is not enough to hold you, you can always take to the skies! Helicopters and other marvels are waiting to elevate your view of Big Bear Lake. And it looks like the weather is going to be incredible!

Big Bear Lake Weather

Monday, June 4- 71° high, 40° low
Tuesday, June 5- 67° high, 38° low
Wednesday, June 6- 72° high, 41° low
Thursday, June 7- 74° high, 45° low
Friday, June 8- 78° high, 45° low
Saturday, June 9- 75° high, 43° low
Sunday, June 10- 73° high, 44° low

This Week at Big Bear Lake

The $50K Trout

This weekend is the Fishing for $50K Trout Derby, where one lucky angler can win $50,000 for catching the right tagged trout in Big Bear Lake! There are 10 other trout that can be caught for various prizes. Prizes will also be offered in a variety of other categories, so try your luck and have a great time fishing on the lake. Be sure to check out our list of the best places to fish in Big Bear to find your perfect fishing spot!

Running along the Pacific Crest

Beautiful views, fresh air…what is not to love about a run at Big Bear Lake? This Sunday is the Holcomb Valley Trail Run, a course that follows the Pacific Crest Trail and includes some breathtaking views.  It all starts at the Meadow’s Edge Picnic Area, and there are runs for all skill levels. Come to race, or just to enjoy a nice Sunday run in the mountains.

Views from the top

If running, biking, hiking, or boating are not your ways to explore Big Bear Lake, maybe you need to get off the ground a little! While the Scenic Sky Chair is one way to get above it all to see the sights, you may want to consider a helicopter ride through Helicopter Big Bear. And if you still want to fly though Big Bear without that pesky helicopter, Action Zipline Tours would love to help you see the forest as you zoom right over it!

There is always something different to explore each weekend on the mountain. Make your reservation to spend the weekend here at Big Bear Frontier so you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy it all. Whether you plan on enjoying the lake, the land, or the air, we look forward to seeing you soon!


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