What to do in Big Bear Lake | Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother’s Day from Big Bear!

Get ready to have a spectacular Mother’s Day at Big Bear Lake!  The weather will be perfect for that picnic you’ve been meaning to plan.  Don’t forget to lather up with some SPF 50.  The temperature may very well be in the low 70’s, but the sun will be 7,000 feet closer than you are used to.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Monday, May 7- High 68°, Low 38°
Tuesday, May 8- High 71°, Low 42°
Wednesday, May 9- High 74°, Low 42
Friday, May 11- High 72°, Low 41°
Saturday, May 12- High 72°, Low 42°
Sunday, May 13- High 71°, Low 41°

What’s Happening This Week at Big Bear Lake

Lions and Tigers and…Wolves.

You can take mom to the Moonridge Animal Park this weekend and see how other mothers take care of their children. Their timber wolves, named Navarre and Wakiza, are still raising their two year old litter of nine!  Wakiza would love to have some visitors and support from other moms that day.

Cruising on Big Bear Lake

Miss Liberty is also a great opportunity to give mom a unique gift this weekend. Take her on a ninety minute boat tour and learn more about Big Bear Lake, from facts about the area to tales about who has been here. Be sure you make those reservations early! Space is limited, and it is going to be a busy weekend.

Jim Hall turns 30!

It may not seem that close, but the Jim Hall Memorial May Trout Classic is coming up pretty fast. This is the event’s 30th anniversary, and so the organizers have pulled out all the stops when coming up with prizes, including a tagged trout. Only 500 places available, so this could be your last chance to enter. If mom enjoys fishing, take her out to check out our favorite Big Bear fishing spots to get ready for the tournament!

Get Your Golf Game Warmed Up

FORE! If mom likes to hit the links, you can take her up to the Bear Mountain Driving Range and Golf Course. This is the first weekend it will be open, so you can start practicing your swing and pick up your season pass starting on Saturday, May 12th. The course will officially open May 18th. Dad may also like to take a few swings himself…

Fun for the Whole Family

The weekend also holds some children’s activities! If your children are younger (six and under), bring them to Story Time at the Big Bear Discovery Center. This week, they can hear the tale of Pauly the Adventurous Pallid Bat by Heather Irbinskas. If you want to come a little bit earlier, there is also going to be a Wildflower Walk and a chance to build a birdhouse. All of this starts at 9:30 AM on May 12th at the Big Bear Discovery Center.

With everything that is going on, you may want to make your reservations so you can spend the whole weekend here. Mom would love the opportunity to relax in the clear, warm mountain air for a few days.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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