What to do in Big Bear Lake | February 8-12, 2012

Winter in Big Bear LakeStay off the ice! Warmer temperatures and a deeper lake make Big Bear Lake unsafe to walk on in the winter. So even though the lake may look frozen, it is NOT safe to walk or skate on. Instead, stay on shore and enjoy a cooking demonstration or head up to Bear Mountain (there’s plenty of snow) for their weekend events!

History of Ice on Big Bear Lake

Old photos may show people skating or even driving on the ice but today you can be fined for venturing out there. So be safe and enjoy our beautiful lake from the shoreline. Here’s some history of our beautiful lake through past winters.

19TH Century- The newly constructed dam in 1884 created a lake in Big Bear Valley that froze solid enough in the winter to make it fun for safe skating.

20th Century- Shallower lake depth and much colder climate allowed for ice skating and even driving vehicles on the lake, through the first decades of the 1900s.

21st Century- Today, temperatures are warmer and the lake is deeper. Even if the lake looks frozen, it is not at a depth that would support any weight. So don’t even set one foot off shore during the winter months…it could cost you your life or, at the very least, lighten your wallet due to fines.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Wednesday, February 8- High 52°, Low 23°

Thursday, February 9- High 54°, Low 23°

Friday, February 10- High 57°, Low 22°

Saturday, February 11- High 52°, Low 21°

Sunday, February 12- High 51°, Low 22°

This Weekend in Big Bear Lake

The Copper Q has a marvelous cooking demonstration that is a must see event.  The demonstration shows you how to make delectable dishes that can be shared in a wide variety of ways, such as formal,  informal, or holidays like Valentines Day.  Demonstrations are Thursdays and Fridays at noon or Saturdays and Sundays 10:30am and 1:30pm. This  Saturday at 4:30, you can learn to make a full Valentine’s Day day meal, from appetizer to dessert! Space is limited, so start planning your cooking adventure today.

Power 106 radio station will be at Bear Mountain this weekend on February 11th for the annual Go Huck Yourself Competition.  They will be giving out all-day lift passes through the week, so listen in as find out how to win yours! Bear Mountain is the spot to be on the 11th so grab your boards and skis and hit the slopes while you listen to your favorite hip-hop tracks, presented to you by Power 106.


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