Cheerleading Camps at Big Bear Frontier

It’s the time of the year when Big Bear Frontier is almost fully occupied with exuberant and energetic young people visiting for annual cheerleading camps. This week we are hosting the cheer squad from Orange Coast College. Located in Costa Mesa, Orange Coast College is just minutes from one of Southern California’s lovely beaches. Founded in 1948 with just 500 students, Orange Coast has grown into one of the nation’s largest and finest community colleges, enrolling more than 25,000 students each semester.

Training at Big Bear Lake

Cheerleading coach Mike Reynolds has been bringing the Orange Coast cheer squad to Big Bear for many years. Mike explained to us why training at Big Bear gives them an edge. First, is high altitude training. On Big Bear Mountain, cheerleaders train at approximately 7,000 feet. Since cheerleaders must be in good cardiovascular shape, Big Bear offers an environment for good cardio and stamina building through swimming, running, biking and hiking. A week of strenuous exercise in this altitude definitely qualifies for stamina building!

Secondly, the cheerleaders have access to Meadow Park, a short walk or run from Big Bear Frontier. Meadow Park is a beautifully shaded park with barbeque grills and plenty of grassy areas. It has plenty of space for the cheerleaders to do repetitions, tumbling and stunts. While working hard, they get to enjoy the lovely view of Big Bear Lake and the mountains.

Here in Big Bear the cheerleaders have time away from home, school, and other activities to focus on cheering, bonding and team building. After a long hard day they can swim in our heated pool and enjoy our Jacuzzi to work the “kinks” out.

Are you a cheerleading coach looking for a great place to train your cheerleaders? Consider bringing your squad to Big Bear Frontier. We truly enjoy having these lovely young people and their coaches stay with us and we welcome your questions. Visit our website to learn more, to check availabilty and to see our amenities.


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