Bring your Pets to Big Bear Frontier

We know many of you love your pets as much as we do, which is why we’ve made Big Bear Frontier one of the area’s only pet friendly resorts. When you visit Big Bear Frontier you’ll be greeted by our two resident dogs, Precious and Dexter, who are usually hanging out in the lobby.  Precious is the friendly German shepherd who has come to work every day for the past three years and Dexter is the Miniature Pincher that loves everyone and wants everyone to love him.  Dexter is usually waiting for the Front Desk Agents to get out of “his” chair behind the check in desk so he can play.

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Dog-friendly Activities in Big Bear Lake

Dogs love it here so we encourage you to bring your furry friends with you on your vacation. There is space to run and play and they love to jump into the water on our lakefront.  Bring your Frisbee and jump right in there with them! There are plenty of grassy areas throughout Big Bear Frontier for your pet to exercise and roam while you explore the property.

Big Bear Lake has 22 miles of shoreline to explore with your pet.  Take a leisurely walk around The Village or on the bike path and stop at one of the many restaurants with outdoor patios that allow you to keep your dog at your feet while you eat.  BLT’s and Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria  are two that come to mind.

Many guests bring their pets to Big Bear Lake for their birthday or the anniversary date of their adoption and some local pet “parents” make a trip up the mountain every two or three months to give their animals some relief from the Southern California heat.   One special guest brings her four dogs to see us several times a year and her dogs love to play in the water and enjoy the lakefront.  We always look forward to her visit.  We have many valued guests who return year after year because their dogs are at home with us.

If you’re considering a Big Bear Vacation you don’t have to leave your pet home alone or take them to a boarding kennel.  Our simple pet friendly policies are outlined here. Bring your furry friends with you so they can enjoy their “time off” as much as you do!

Have you brought your dog to the Big Bear Frontier or Big Bear Lake?  Share your comments or pictures with us.

3 Replies to “Bring your Pets to Big Bear Frontier”

  1. Hello,
    I’m debating whether to bring my dog along for the night of stay at Big Bear Frontier Hotel or not. I have the lakeside hotel room. If I don’t bring her, she will end up staying home with the dog sitter only coming to see her twice a day. If I take her along, she’ll be with us the whole time and she can walk around the lake with us. Can you tell me if you will assign us a different room in case we bring our dog? Or are the hotel rooms all ok for dogs? Thanks.

    1. Reiko,
      Big Bear is a paradise for dogs and their families. All of our rooms and cabins are pet friendly. Our front desk agent’s will be more than happy to show you a cabin or two when you arrive that is available so that you can make your choice and be as comfortable as if you were in your own home. We look forward to seeing you Reiko.

      Thank You
      Front Desk Manager

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